The Chinese government is adamant about the fact that people will be better off in the resettlement. Anonymous 24 April at Advantages It protects 2. Really helped but I think you mean 1. The Yangtze River is the third largest river in the world, earning it its Chinese name, Chang-chiang, which means “long river.

Evaluation The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China does help the people who live in the many villages, towns and cities near the river and also helps China’s government and economy by harnessing the water and turning it into energy for free, but these generators have a bad effect on the rest of China, causing side effects that stay with them for life. Many homes, factories and archaeological sites were flooded in the creation of the dam and many species are nearly extinct now. Michael Cernea of the World Bank and Dr. Currently, the Yangtze river is a breathtaking collection of cliffs and mountains. Anonymous 3 October at Three Gorges Dam China. Anonymous 27 August at

Geography: the Three Gorges Dam (China)

Please tick a box showing your reaction, and any feedback is appreciated. Anonymous 29 November at Michael Gkrges of the World Bank and Dr. Freddie Kreuger 3 October at Anonymous 8 January at Areas downstream will be deprived of fertile sediment. Anonymous 18 January at It prevents financial loss by floods It creates jobs for the locals It generates a lot of China’s power thanks to its hydro-electric power generators It facilitates shipping and therefore trade as the water levels have risen, meaning that the bottoms of the ships won’t scrape the bottom of the channel.


3 gorges dam case study gcse geography

It will also “desecrate some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet, and drown thousands of archaeological and cultural sites,” writes Arthur Fisher in Popular Science. It will divert gorgs from other developments.

Control flooding downstream of the dam. Geography Three Gorges Dam Adm. Disadvantages If the dam breaks, then homes, factories and other establishments would be completely destroyed by the overpowering amount of water flooding them.

Much of the land used for resettlement is over m above sea level, where the climate is colder and the soil can barely support farming.

I wa5 predicted a u! China will be able to bring 10, ton ocean going vessels all the way geograpny, km up to the city of Chongqing. Posted by Michelle Lim at Gce better wages are one of the Chinese government’s promises to those being relocated, they ignore the fact that these people will then have to adapt to new ways of life and new forms of employment. Anonymous 24 April at The dam will become a tourist attraction and will attract a lot of people to the area.

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3 gorges dam case study gcse geography

The pressure created by the huge weight of the water in the reservoir behind the dam could trigger earthquakes. Ancient temples, burial grounds and da, historic sites will be lost beneath the reservoir too. Provides water to urban areas and for agriculture-irrigation.


Three Gorges dam construction, July The reservoir can store up to 5 trillion gallons of water. Advantages It protects 2. I has got a f in igcse!

The Three Gorges Dam, China – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

In ggorges, it shouldn’t have been created as it overall had a bad effect on China. Case Study of a Dam or Reservoir Project: Anonymous 13 April at Anonymous 5 June at Currently, the Yangtze river is a breathtaking collection of cliffs and mountains. Many homes, factories and archaeological sites were flooded gography the creation of the dam and many species are nearly extinct now.

Instead, a number of smaller defences should have been made near the towns that were to be protected instead of making one big one.

Major Georgaphy The world’s largest dam will flood over 62, acres of farmland, 13 major cities, large, and hundreds of small villages along the river’s banks, necessitating the evacuation and relocation of over one million people.

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