Masters Degrees English []. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The novel interrogates the idea of truth in its meta-fictional discourse and stakes out the grounds of its own fictional truth in contra-distinction to truth as fact offered by Western empiricism. He is so lost without her that once he makes the fake reconstruct of Sailor’s face, he attempts to take his own life only to have Anil save him. All the actions in the novel take place against the background of the Civil War in Sri Lanka. Author Simpson, Andrea Marie. Every side was killing and hiding the evidence.

Search the UC Research Repository. However on page ten, Michael Ondaatje explains, “As far as Sri Lankan families were concerned, if you were a well known cricketer you could breeze into a career in business on the strength of your spin bowling or one inning at the Royal-Thomian match. Sure of the government’s malicious intentions, Anil attempts to identify the body. At one point in time, Palipana was one of the most well renowned archaeologists in the world. Identity Anil’s Ghost , written by Michael Ondaatje is a book about a young Sri Lankan forensic anthropologist who returns home to work with a widowed archaeologist named Sarath. Palipana is a man who only addresses another person by a physical gesture. Another important theme of the novel is cross cultural conflicts and common grounds between different people.

While the modernist-postmodernist dichotomy is made apparent in both novels, through its anilss characters, each text offers a divergent representation of how this binary edifice manifests. Theses and Dissertations []. Never using anyone’s name, as if that were immaterial to the discussion or search.

At a young age, Anil entered a swimming contest held by the Mount Lavina Hotel.

anils ghost thesis

Theses and Dissertations View Item. On the one hand, she lives in her new world, so carefully created by her in the present, and in the world of Sri Lanka, the country of her origin, her past and history. At one point in time, Aanils was known for his brilliance. She got a good education and got used to European and American way of life and value systems. Every side was killing and hiding the evidence.


Identity is a major theme in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost. Send Feedback Contact Us. This is an unofficial war, no one wants to alienate the foreign powers.

anils ghost thesis

Degree Grantor University of Canterbury. The ghost from the title of the book is that ghost from the past which does not leave Anil in her present life. Later in Anil’s life, thessis divorced her husband, a controlling and jealous man who limited her freedom. Written in andrespectively, these novels have previously undergone a thorough exploration under a conventional postcolonial framework, with critics analyzing thesia each novel expresses the issues stemming from imperial colonization.

So the war, to all purposes, is over.

Ethics of the real : Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and the touch of the world

When Anil comes back to her motherland she is surprised by the attitude of people towards her. The loss of his job destroyed his identity and ruined it even more when his eyesight started to slowly deteriorate. The height of the terror was eighty-eight and eighty-nine, but of course it was going on long before that. Anil feels awful that Sailor does not have a name so she disregards the fact that he, being dead, has no control over his identity.

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To a certain extend, people who treat Anil as an 18 years old girl, who has left her motherland 15 years ago, aniils right. She is used to the thought that all her academic achievements, good education and manners mean little for people in her native country.


Memories of the past exist and affect our life even if we try to avoid them. He refuses to address anyone’s identity. After this there were a series of debates that then ended in the destruction of Palipana’s reputation. Anil and Sarath, a man who represents the authorities, try to find out the identity of the man burned and buried on the place of ancient funeral.

Phone ext Email ucresearchrepository canterbury. In this room, among these four she was hiding among the unhistorical dead. He drinks every single moment of the day since the death of his wife Sirissa.

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To give him a name would name the rest. All people Anil meets on her way are affected by the war and all of them are unhappy. In the book Anil cuts her finger on a surgical blade, she then cleans it thoroughly, tapes it, and then goes to the doctor for fear of infection.

anils ghost thesis

This dissertation rests on the assumption that ghowt literary text is fundamentally part of the world from which it emerges. Not like Central America. Years spent away from her motherland have changed her a lot. When Anil comes to her motherland, she shares exactly the same position.

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