Release type should be as on the document e. The first listed source is referred to in the second source. Sections are indicated by an ‘s’ followed by a space and the section number. Numbers that do not include a hyphen are references to page numbers. Division of Student Life.

For works by a single author, begin with the author’s family name first, followed by a comma and the given name or initials. Endnote What is Endnote? VU Home Library Guides. Consecutive pinpoint references are separated by a dash. A date of retrieval is not required. Explanatory memoranda are also known as explanatory statements or explanatory notes in different jurisdictions and should be cited appropriately for each jurisdiction. For legislative materials, pinpoint references can also refer to parts, sections, clauses or divisions.

Human Rights Committee, Views: For further information, see AGLC rule 3. Legal Encyclopedia – Print If citing a print version of a legal encyclopedia a volume number should be included along with the date of the last update to chapter not date of retrieval.

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Include the document type: First Author et al, ‘Title of Article’ year volume issue Title of Journal first page of article, pinpoint. For quotes longer than three lines, do not use quotation marks.


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The author and body releasing the document should be identified. Suicide ahnotated Mental illness Medical emergency First Aiders First aid and medical emergencies Emergency policies Critical incidents and trauma.

Aside from referencing, footnotes are also used to provide tangential or extraneous information outside the body of the text. See AGLC rule 1. Footnotes for subsequent references to the same source do not repeat all the details but use a shortened form — see the section below on repeat citations for further details. For more information on abbreviations used in pinpoint references see AGLC rule 3. Note that details provided in the bibliography are almost identical to details provided in the footnotes, with the following exceptions:.

For works by two or three authors, begin with the first-listed author’s family name, followed by a comma and the given name or initials.

Pinpoint references are usually to pages. Multiple pinpoint references are separated by a comma. Pages are indicated by the page number only do not use ‘p’ or ‘pg’. For further details and examples bibliobraphy citations refer to:. A pinpoint reference would only be included where the article has pages or paragraphs. Division of Student Life. Committee, Legislature, Title year pinpoint. The short title is provided in brackets at the end of bibliiography first citation.


Only include a document number if it appears on the release. The terms ‘ Ibid ‘ and ‘ n ‘ are used for repeat citations of the same work.

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Articles appearing in journals that are only available online should, to the extent possible, be cited the same way as hard copy bibliograpy articles. First Author et al, Title of Book publisher, edition number, year pinpoint. It is of most use for large pieces of work such as essays longer than 5, words.

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A comprehensive guide to legal research created by the VU Law Library. Check with your unit chair, lecturer or tutor to determine if you are required to compile a bibliography for your assignment.

annotated bibliography aglc

Endnote What is Endnote? Sources should be presented under the following sections where applicable: Author names should be provided as they appear in the publication.

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Is there any Redress for Harms to Health? Initials are biblography spaced and there are no full stops after initials. Numbers such as as shown above are references to paragraphs.

annotated bibliography aglc

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