Ways to provide proof of English proficiency include one of the following: Join us for Enrollment Day! Must have at least a 2. Students with fewer than 15 semester credits post high school must apply as transfer students and meet the Admissions requirements for first time college students. My walk with the Lord continued to foster growth, as did my age. Looking to transfer from another university or community college? Although my life has been blessed with the opportunity to know the Lord at a young age, I have faced many afflictions.

Meeting our Early Action Deadline will help you qualify for School of Education department scholarships, and likely more financial aid. Hear what employers have to say about the Biola graduates they hire. My relationship with Jesus Christ has grown to become a steady anchor throughout the many experiences I have endured. Check the program-specific admissions requirements page for requirement details. He, in turn, receives all praise and glory, and hope is given to others.

At least the demons had enough common sense to fear the majesty of God rather than to ignore Him completely.

Biola University

These are my thoughts that I collect throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like being here.

biola admission essay prompt

Also, if you will be a fully online student, please be aware that AEP may not be an option. The culture around us promotes dependency on ourselves alone.


Graduate Admissions

Here I was, going about my life, believing that Jesus exists, but not desiring to follow Him in the slightest. Apply Now Request Info. In addition to the general steps, essag are specific admissions requirements for individual programs.

My walk with the Lord continued to foster growth, as did my age. Learn About Early Action. These opportunities provided rich avenues to nurture my spiritual growth and communication with the Lord, but this was just the beginning.

I’ve begun writing notes to myself. With the same clarity as getting glasses for the first time, my view of the world was suddenly tack sharp. Throughout my childhood, I suffered a physical ailment known as Pancreatitis. He, in turn, receives all praise and glory, and hope is given to others. My career choice, my entertainment, my music, my relationships—nothing was left unquestioned.

Immersed in the tranquil beauty of the grounds. Every time I sit down to write a lesson, I learn something new about myself and about God.

I enlisted the help of countless doctors who prescribed numerous medications, but the cause of my affliction remained a mystery.

But for believing in something supposedly so life changing, my life surely was not showing it. Please note that ELP is only available on campus.


The Sticky Note Collective: Biola Essay

Crowell School of Business. Learn About Transfer Student Admissions. Via the portal you can:. I did not love God, hate God, fear God, or admire God. The following are the scores needed to qualify for AEP:. Complete the required essays Your essay prompts can be found in your application. Get started getting started.

biola admission essay prompt

Please consult with your admissions counselor. Start your application right here, online. Be sure to include Biola University’s number on the form. Verify English proficiency for non-native English speakers or international students The School of Education requires all students whose first language is not English to provide proof of English proficiency.


To verify that English is the sole medium of instruction, one of the following forms of documentation is required for institutions outside of the United States: And, remember, enroll by May 1. If an idea challenges our emotional feelings or the preconceived logic that we hold dear, then the new idea must not be true.

Find and contact your counselor today.

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