Two years ago we had to write exams and we were assessed only through our written scripts. The need of the hour is to make students realize the power of thinking and help them to develop a thought process. Who wouldn’t be appalled, if you’re forced to write word meanings in an English notebook I’m not kidding. CCE helps us to think independently. The scope of this question is very wide. Is removal of the CCE pattern good for the future of students?

So it’s time to study smart and stay ahead. In spite of reducing stress of studies on students this system was introduced by indian educational minister mr kapil sibal. Looking at the prevalent ideology of Indian students, most student strive for marks, and practically, do everything solely for marks. Mobile Phone a Ban or Boon In: Even teachers share this mentality, and most of the activities have simply become formalities, including class response and field trips.

Based on how efficient their translation was, they’re being given marks, which is equivalent to an existential factor for the students. Under the CCE method, a student need not study the huge CBSE syllabus because what is covered in the first term will not be repeated during the second or final term, whatsoever.

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Employing a variety of remedial measures based on learning needs and potential of different students is helpful.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

And belive me this CBSE schools sucks. But the number of projects take away our leisure time.

CCE: Boon or bane for students – IN SCHOOL – The Hindu

Opetus ERP April 24, at 7: Most do not want additional work and state board has a hotch potch implementation. Just click the link to enter ccr name. All of these ‘mini projects’ are then combined, and all students have contributed to a larger project that enhances their knowledge and understanding of the topic.


For example, during my school days in patter city like Pune, we were never taken to any science exhibition or history exhibitions even though IUCAA Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics had an open invitation and Deccan College The Mecca for Indian Archaeologists was at 5 minutes from my school.

Where will that take them?

CCE boon or ban Essay

Even teachers share this mentality, and most of the activities have simply become formalities, including class response and field trips. CCE has many benefits as it helps in identifying learning progress of students at regular time intervals on small portions of content. Many still run behind grades. If you’ve looked at economic theory the modern one, not Smith’sa system works best, for the most collective gain, when each and every single element of the system works collaboratively such that the whole set is benefittedinstead of the benefit of a single element, where each and every element is supposed to be aware of the strategies of other elements.

The scope of this question is very wide. Group activities and stage performances will build up their confidence which will eventually help them in future probably during group discussions and interviews. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Firstly, Indian students are no different than students from other countries.

I myself gave 10th and 12th boards so I can derive ccw students and their parents have unnecessarily made board examinations a matter of life and death which puts more stress on students and they think suicide to be the best option. However, everything comes with its own bane and so does the CCE pattern of evaluation.


cce pattern boon or bane essay

Over 30 successfully finished orders. It help to build teacher – student coordination. However, a lot of schools do not have the infrastructure and facility for the same Even though CCE is a radical concept in the reformation of education system in India, but the disadvantages need to be addressed in a right manner so as to bring about a real, genuine and positive transformation to the education patterns with reduced stress over students. If a student got 92 marks in Maths and another student had go CBSE realised this in the year and Mr.

Most just know the full form of acronym This is the first full session for Class X with fully implemented Grading System and for sure this year will create a milestone! That should be changed to make learning more effective.

Since most of the assessments are internal, there is a question whether the assessments are being done on a fair basis. Activity based learning, in my humble opinion, is one of the best ways to encourage a student to THINK and not memorize. The projects given in CCE should be in the form of interaction, i.

Also, another imperative point to note here is the cutting down of huge CBSE syllabus. They may fear that revealing their real nature might make them end up with lower grades.

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