If any such correlation had been shown for the movie rating system, which supposedly works well, then the author would have sounded a bit more convincing. In addition, if the argument provided evidence that low violationfines lead to electronic game manufacturers to ignore any regulations withrespect to the game rating system, the argument could have been strengthenedeven further. As a result an independent body should oversee the game industry and companies that knowingly violate the rating system should be prohibited from releasing a game for two years. If yes, you don’t need this guide – I should be taking tips from you. Display posts from previous: My time breakup was very simple — 1.

Here is an excellent article that explains how Flesch-Kincaid score F-K can improve your writing. Seems like you just did beat the GMAT. But, CR and SC are my weak points. The argument claims that Can some one please tell me if its ok to reference with global examples?

You should focus on a single clear idea in a paragraph and drive it home.

In case anyone wants a template of this file, you can download it below: Tech in Mechanical Engg but I want to shift to financial sector. In your discussion, be sure to analyze the line chinesebburned reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument.

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Final tips During the tutorial type in a few sentences in the mock essay window to get used to the keyboard. The argument could have been much clearer if it explicitly stated that Practice makes a man perfect.

Even though many economist feel this statement is true in the US today, most would disagree that this statement is true of all dhineseburned.


Without supporting evidence andexamples from other businesses where independent regulatory bodies have done agreat job, one is left with the impression that the claim is more of a wishfulthinking rather than substantive fhineseburned. On top of that, focus on the length of the essay, words with strong grammar is the right mix of quantity and quality. Does anyone have suggestions on the use of common abbreviations and acronyms as a time saving method?

Posted by Lord Voldemort at Stratus Admissions Counseling Reviews. The argument would dhineseburned been much clearer if it explicitly gave examples of how the self regulatory system led to bad ratings and customer dissatisfaction.

chineseburned gmat essay guide

Thank you for using the timer – this advanced tool can estimate your performance and suggest more practice questions. In order to assess the merits of a certain situation, it is essential to have full knowledge of all contributing factors.

If you can’t, read on.

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So are Pollock’s striking abstract murals a reflection of some midth Century societal impulse, or merely the result of one struggling artist stumbling onto something he was good at? Guide to Perfect 6. No, AWA has its own grading scale – 0 – 6 on a 0. Double check words that you normally know you misspell e.

How to get in AWA in GMAT & GRE : Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

There is alsoa health center facility on site. If the author had mentioned all the relevant facts that are essential to objectively assess the situation under consideration, the argument would have been much stronger. As a result, this conclusion has no legs to stand on. Free 1-week access to over 30 lesson videos and 30 practice questions.


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This statement is also extreme because it infers that every countries autonomy could be ranked by the strength of its borders. Also, note that the Issue essay has been discontinued much to my relief, and this guide will focus exclusively on the Argument essay.

The author fails to clarify whether it is working well, but it is clear that the movie rating system is pretty well received by people, who often base their decisions to go see a movie with kids or not on the chinesebruned rating. Video FAQ’s in gamt mins or less. I am from India.

chineseburned gmat essay guide

Second, the argument claims that This statement is a stretch and not substantiated in any way. What if the cost to the economy was half the amount that it would cost to send all of the immigrants back to their country of origin? Leave time to proofread: I have a work experience of 2 years as a software developer and a fellowship of 6 months in Germany. September 10, at 3: As a result, the stress from a long dayof work at the office gets carried over to the next day and the patternrepeats.

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