We will learn how to respect others opinion, religion and culture. Their posting was always helpful for educating all member of the community. I will do my very best to represent my home country so the people in the United States will have greater interest wanting to discover more about Indonesian people groups and their cultures. I tried my best to explain and convince my mother and siblings that I would not throw away this opportunity. Please describe your long-term goals that you want to accomplish in the first few months upon returning home after the CCIP.

Newer Post Older Post. Perlu untuk diingat, bahwa budaya Amerika dengan budaya kita sangat berbeda dalam banyak hal. He is currently studying on the first year at Agriculture faculty, Riau University. Ayo dong persiapkan diri semaksimal mungkin ya. Popular Posts June 22,

Apalagi menulis esai dalam bahasa Inggris dan untuk aplikasi beasiswa. For the night schedule, I will practice guitar too because I have the similar hobby with him. Once, I arrive in the U. Being away from people that i love like my mother, father, siblings, friends and colleagues can be a big problem for me.

You have just woken up. I choose marketing field because it allows me to tap into my passion and most importantly, I think marketing is one of the essential elements in every business as not only it can build brand awareness, but also it can increase sales, grow businesses and engage customers.

Participating in this program will also open another best opportunity to further my study to Master degree level. Bekal saya saat itu hanya kumpulan artikel dan trik-trik dari banyak penerima beasiswa luar negeri yang berbagi pengalamannya di internet. We created not only the selling value such as a delicious taste, unique branding, and attractive packaging but also the promotion idea like beautiful display stand, sales outfit, production video, product’s mascot and jingle.


Apa, mengapa, sebutkan dan jelaskan tentunya memiliki jawaban tersendiri. I tried my best to explain and convince my mother and siblings that I would not throw away this opportunity.

Pengalaman Beasiswa Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) Menjawab Esai – Nasi Ramas

Intinya, banyaklah bertanya dan minta masukan dari mereka. Besides, I have always dreamed of studying abroad to advance and update my training in marketing and my communication skill in English.

Presently, I work for a telecommunication company.

Belum release untuk CCI beritanya, thank you. My main responsibilities on this company are but not limited to: I have been living in a boarding house in several locations which is a place for many people that come from different tribe and I have no problem with them.

I had some money in my account, but it was not that much.

contoh essay ccip aminef

I will become a global player in this field and hopefully will be a leader at least in my community. Besides, my young ewsay and young sister were still at school so they still needed financial support.

Saya juga berikan rentang waktu ketika mengedit aplikasi tersebut. Fall for Red Velvet’s Banana Tapi waktu itu saya sangat puas jika dibandingkan dengan konsep aplikasi saya yang pertama kali.


Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP 2018

Misalnya setelah 2 kali diedit, saya biarkan saja aplikasi saya selama 2 atau 3 hari. I hope once I get back from the United States, I will become a good leader because this scholarship offers training opportunity for the students to be leaders in their community and country.

However, after completing this program, I will essat the knowledge and share the experiences that I have gotten to my environment, my workplace, and with other people who may need it.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Mereka akan sangat qminef membantu dan saya juga loh: All those life experiences were so awesome! This has required me to have a good knowledge ofbusiness development.

Hal tersebut dapat dimaklumi karena Scholarship Committee, tidak tahu siapa kita, maka dengan tulisan essay yang baik, akan memudahkan mereka dalam mengetahui dan menganalisa goals kita. You are commenting using your Google account. It means that the people are not easy to give up achieving their dreams even though they have failed many times.

There will always something new we can learn from them. And my campus have a special recognition for those students who have a job before graduate. In running the CDP Projects, there have been some difficulties in improving the life skills of women.

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