Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. Published on February Categories: Perhaps you have heard some of the following: When we refer to things that are in our power we must be much more detailed with what we say. Question 4 Describe the logic behind a field of study that is not covered in the text book.

Your response should be at least words in length. All you need to do is examine the structure of the U. Why do these techniques fail to promote deep learning? We just need to be aware of when rhetorical devices are being used and apply our critical thinking skills to assess arguments on their rational merits. You will receive a link to create a new password. Perhaps you have heard some of the following:.

Children are highly adept at expressing their mood and current physiological situations using hyperbole.

In addition, describe a situation in which you found yourself falling into this style of learning. Whenever a criical tries to humiliate another person, usually while not responding at all to the situation at hand, this person is ridiculing another. Hyperbole Hyperbole is gross overstatement in order to reinforce a point.

Ridicule Ridicule occurs when someone tries to cast suspicion on another by making fun of the person or personally embarrassing the person in front of others. Your response should be at least words in length. Develop strategies for self-assessment. It could be that they found out that a loved one has cancer or that their lover has decided to leave them.


These claims are pure attempts to ridicule without presenting any evidence. Proof Surrogate A proof surrogate is the use of language that implies that there is proof for a claim that you are making without actually giving examples of the proof. Pointing out that there is another justified opinion is the first step in allowing others to recognize a proof surrogate when it occurs.

critical thinking phl 1010

Answer questions about the elements of thought assumptions, problems, point of view, etc. Non-Graded Learning Activities are provided to aid students in their course of study. Analysis of the concept of being itself has a long history that ranges from Aristotle to Heidegger and everyone that Heidegger has influenced up until our.

E-mail Back to log-in. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. Unit Lesson This lecture continues with the discussion of rhetorical devices.

Unit 5 Assessment PHL 1010 Critical Thinking

Explain how you plan to implement this idea in your own studies. Instead, he brings up something totally irrelevant in order to connect Natalia to something that most people fear. Size px x x x x Provide an example from your own experience to support your position. As with last week, we will focus on rhetorical devices that challenge our critical thinking.

If we allow ourselves to rest in generalizations, then we will not be able to bring the details of our situations to our minds. When we refer to things that are in our power we must be much more detailed with what we say. Here are some examples.


Unit 5 Assessment PHL Critical Thinking –

We are often told that this form of interaction is a high school phenomenon, but most thunking us realize that this form of interaction can occur at any time, and often in the most inappropriate contexts.

Click here to access the lesson presentation for Unit V. Students use this technique in many of their papers or in class discussions.

critical thinking phl 1010

What people really mean by the statement is that the occurrence is something that is uncontrollable. You do not have to submit them.

Always remind yourself of the facts. What do they mean by this? Just because something is the way it is does not mean that we should merely accept it. Explain the concept of intellectual standards for thinking. Be on the lookout for the use of downplayers.

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