In addition to maintaining a personal writing practice, she supports her community by volunteering at schools and local non-profit arts organizations. Volume V, Casey Robin: They won’t be easy on you, especially if you take your core class with Tracy Gourdine or Zay Amsbury. Published writers, editors, agents, and select panels are invited to CSSSA for workshops, discussions and presentations. My son did visual art, and had 36 hours of class a week! Personal statement – basically just a short introduction.

Also, if there’s a teacher named Mixpe, don’t take her class. Hilary Darling Hilary is a poet and scholar of English literature with an emphasis on Shakespeare, the Victorians, and the multi-cultural tradition of fairy tales. The instructors are incredibly intelligent, invigorating, and strict. Am I good at accepting criticism? What makes you want to write?

I did Creative Writing last summer and it was amazing.

If I were faced with it again, I would still choose creative writing and do it all over again. The reflection should be about a brief incident, no more than an hour, and should happen in one place.

Program Instructors

At the same time, I want to be a director I know, really ambitious for a movie, whether mainstream or alternative. I’ve taught there eight years.

I noticed on the website it mentioned Super 8 Film and 16 mm cameraless. Go to as many events as you can, talk to everyone, attend performances, let your creativity evolve, embrace constructive criticism, make lots of friends, write your heart out. Faculty members describe the writing exercises, their purposes, and the problems and discoveries made by the writers. I wrote ‘then’ not ‘when’ and ‘has’ instead of ‘have’, switching from past to present tense!


csssa creative writing

Why do you write? I am also a high school teacher, and last summer I knew 2 kids who participated in CSSSA one cssea instrumental music, one in film and they also had fabulous experiences.

my csssa experience

Volume V, Casey Robin: Hopefully, whatever discipline you choose will have this effect on you as well. I’m confused as to which discipline to choose.

I asked her if it was a life-changing experience, and she said yes to that. Alex lives in Glassell Park where he enjoys boxing, volleyball, and the company of his partner and their child.

It is a unique environment cssas you are surrounded by kids who are vastly different and uncannily similar, and you will most likely make very deep, wonderful connections if you allow yourself to be open. Write a two-person scene in play format creatiev which one character tries to get something from another character: I think he enjoyed it.

On Saturday mornings the Creative Writing department gathers to hear students to share work created during the prior week. I knew a few film kids, and they didn’t seem affected in the same way one tends to be when they go for CW. Alex earned a B. Do I have a history of thriving under a great deal of pressure? But the films that we saw from the film department were absolutely amazing as well, so my advice to you would be to do Creative Writing, but maybe for your collaborative big project at the end for which you partner up with someone with another focus you could team up with a film person and make a movie.


Elective Electives meet four afternoons each week. And most of all, am I okay with the possibility that I may not feel connected to the friends I’ve maintained from home up until now?

California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA)

Alumni Writing, Alumni Cover Art. Could anyone who has done either perhaps give me insight to the overall experience? Students do not get high school credit but can receive 3 units for college. Only use a few slight stage directions.

csssa creative writing

They accept around 70 students in the creative writing program, 70 in dance, 70 in music, 70 in fine arts, 70 in acting, and 70 in animation. What makes you want to write? Include writers you have discovered outside of school. Log in No account? I want to be a journalist, too. Tell us why you love them and what you have learned from them.

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