I got hooked on Neotropical biodiversity and wilderness and now live in the capital Quito where I work for Rockjumper Birding Tours. I’m a sound engineer , video editor and graphic designer with decennial experience, nature-loving and eager to share my recordings for personal or commercial purposes or just for the pleasure of listening, hoping they will be useful to someone. I don’t take recordings myself yet , but I do a lot of my birding by ear and have downloaded many recordings from xeno-canto. I am a bird lover. During my PhD and associated conservation activities I camped at about 30 locations over nights in Timor-Leste.

I love ornithology and bioacoustics. Bird song is fantastically elegant, readily available and so complex, yet many birders are unable to identify birds by their calls or songs. In i bought myself a Zoom H4n solid state recorder. A free biologist with a camera and a notebook: Occasional recorder, more soundscapes than species ID skills not great. Tascam DR digital field recorder fitted in a Telinga parabola.

I’m a retired scientist – not a very serious birder, so there are bound to be mistakes in my identifications.

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Amateur birder with long term experience in SE Asia. Volunteer in a nature reserve near my home town. Quiero seguir aprendiendo sobre estas apasionantes actividades. I’ve been interested in birds songs and calls for many years and started to record them recently This naturally extended to bird calls and songs as a means of helping to find good birds in the field.


If you intend to use my recordings for general publications or ornithological research, please contact me at zoothera yahoo.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

Otherwise, as a professional, I have been a crop geneticist for the last forty years agronmo emphasis on plant breeding and crop physiology. Ingenieero, at least, I’ll be using an LS11 under a dead rabbit, with Audacity for editing. Mi nombre es Franco Vushurovich. Biologist, birder and guide resident in Ecuador. So far you cannot see any of my work online. I have an interested in wildlife recording and bioacoustics and have been recording birds in Tanzania and Africa for the past 35 years.

The majority of my original recordings made on tapes as well as many of my more recent agronommo recordings are deposited at the National Sound Archive at the British Library in London. Born ingsniero Murcia Spain I am a birder from the state of Texas, USA. Recording bird and grasshopper sounds since I am a fanatic bird watcher and I enjoy listening to their songs.

In Asia, Oman, India and Thailand. Of course the camera has an audio microphone but its mission in life seems to capture poor sound which is not relevant to the subject. Experience in Ornithology, Conservation of Bird Species, conservation, migratory birds and bird banding.

Furthermore, some of the species covered on my recordings, can be seen on this photo gallery. I am professional tech blogger, online entrepreneur, computer gamer and hardware geek.


I throughly enjoy time outdoors and have recently become much more interested in recording and identifying bird sounds in addition to working on agdonomo trickier bird ID’s such as sparrows and gulls.

I only recently started recording in the summer of I am co-author of the Red book of the Chuvash Republic about birds and butterflies.

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Also interested in botany and have a agronoo knowledge of Andean flora and fauna other than birds. I’m a field biologist and as such spend a fair bit of time outside. I chose this material on the basis of Xeno Canto members comments. My main interests are the ingenlero behavior of birds and ecology of mixed-species flocks. I have been a birder for more than 40 years, since age 11and have always had an interest in bird song.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

The MD format allows me to keep all the original recordings. My recordings come to the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Caatinga of the southeastern part of the country. Birds in Flight — a work-in-progress website dedicated to audiovisual identification of western palearctic birds on migration.

I’m record birds sounds for the Chilean library webpage call Conserva: I post photos to my bird photostream at Flickr.

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