Yes, of course, they are tough on their fellow browned-skin pig-snout thick lips Filipinos. Pinoys use their lingua franca when talking to one another when overseas. It depends greatly on what the predefined goals are. Retrieved January 31, Is it any wonder we have no philosopher of note?

He said that the MILF should identify those who were involved in the killing of the members of the SAF, return the slain SAF members’ guns and personal belongings, and allow the government to continue their operation against the terrorists. As for mamasapano [MIXANCHOR], this essay is rather new, so there’s good reason to believe that this is the essay, or at least the first notable military engagement in the clash. I believe the extremists ought not be mistaken for the rational of the indigenous, and the task of marginalizing the extremists falls to their brothers. There are bombing in Mindanao and in Metro Manila. Point me to him. As President and as father of this country, I am greatly saddened that our policemen had to lay down their lives for this mission. Could this story being made up by Inquirer Tabloid Editor?

They found not just the region, the province, or the municipality, but the very house in which the two were hiding. Notify me of new posts via email. Put him aside, and the occasional troll, and the conversation is above board and informative. As to the operation, according to General Napenas, there was a three-day window available to them, supplied by the intelligence component of the planners, if I recall right…Jan.


As if finding someone to paste the guilt on would somehow make the pain go away. The mission was a success.

Essay about mamasapano clash

As the person primarily responsible for foreign relations, I had to be consulted to make certain that we are likewise upholding our obligations to wssay United Nations.

Late is better than never. I am not in favor of the BBL but if you as the President clazh this is the right way then you must conduct this kind of planned actions. In other societies, there is a consensus that corrupt behavior of public officials is not acceptable. But the price was too high for popular acceptance in the emotional Philippines.

Thus we have coups rather than patience to wait until the next ballot. Where have all the good, old memories gone?

Essay about mamasapano clash

My enduring impression of him will be a senile old man in a red beret trying to bring back the banana republic. P it is not a disaster waiting to happen, the disaster was is happening right at abput very moment.

essay about mamasapano clash

In simple language, the notification to the AFP came too close to the time of the encounter, thus making it difficult to determine if they were given enough time to prepare, had their assistance been necessary. It is a clearing house for knowledge and insights. February 17, at 3: We essay believe in the government that they will not turn their backs about this one.

essay about mamasapano clash

Is President Aquino now a bad president? Trouble with that kind of defence mechanism — understandable as it is — is that it prevents real learning. We have already come such a long way in our quest to abokt the peace that we have long desired for Muslim Mindanao. Travel light nga konada ngem agaload ta di ka mabisinan. There are also many other forces scattered in the area: Once the fight is on, jamasapano luck stopping it. If it is true that Marwan was killed by the SAF Commandos, may the million dollar esasy be divided among the families of the policemen.


Look at their obsesion with the initial rumor that a Caucasian was also a fatality. Those who refuse to listen to the peace negotiators are themselves culprits assuring further hostility.

essay about mamasapano clash

Is it any wonder we have no philosopher of note? That, and the fact that he speak for an institution whose history of murder, pedophilia, corruption, and violence had largely remained un-atoned. I admire the golden silence that US past presidents maintain.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. If that happens, we cannot hope for anything but the same results: And maybe even the United States, a shadow over everything, a stealth actor on a deadly stage.

Some foreign investors withdrew from investing in the country following the incident. The Communist Party of the Philippines expressed sympathies to the victims of the Mamasapano clash.

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