Thank you Your feedback has been received. When humans love and respect the Sangai, it is respecting nature. In the lean season, when the water level reduces, the biomass come into contact with the lake bed and they secure the required nutrient from there. The Sangai – the endemic, rare and endangered Manipur Brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi eldi Mclelland – faces an uncertain fate today. Its thickness varies from few centimeters to two meters. Humans, supposed to be the guardian angel of the Sangai, have been the very reason for the threat on the existence of this highly spoken of deer species. Feeding behavior of Sangai can be easily seen over new shoots on newly cut fire line area.

What happens during the rainy season is that the deer seeks shelter in isolated dry patches in the National Park and poachers lie in wait for such opportunity. They also work with forest officers to lookout for poachers and protect the deer. However, as fate would have it, he found his beloved married to the king on his return. Since then, the State Government has taken serious and positive measures for the protection of this rare and endangered species. By Rail There are no railway lines in the state of Manipur.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! When humans love and respect the Sangai, it is respecting nature.

For reasons historical and social, closely associated with the cultural life of the Manipuris, the Sangai has attached importance for Manipur and its people. Retrieved 20 January Ras-Leela dance, Pung Cholom and the ethnic Manipuri dance form creates magic on visitors with elegant steps and poignant music.

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Pollution and poaching are also a problem, as is the spread of the invasive para grass. Many times the deer drown. Summer Festival 29 Apr to 30 Apr, It serves as a source of water for hydropower generation, irrigation and drinking water supply.


Distribution and habitat The brow-antlered deer or the dancing deer is found in its natural habitat only at Keibul Lamjao National Park over the floating biomass locally called “phumdi” in the South Eastern part of Loktak Lake.

The two tines form a continuous curve at right angles to the closely set pedicels. The humus of phumdi is black in color and very spongy with large number of pores.

The Manipuri Brow-antlered Deer (Sangai) Habitat Facing Degradation

It is believed that the name sangai sa “animal” and ngai “in awaiting” was coined from its peculiar posture and behaviour while running. Based on a famous folk legend, the Sangai is interpreted as the binding soul between humans and the nature. The result – the biomass are losing weight and getting thinner by the year. It has a dark reddish brown winter coat, which turns paler in summer.

Socially, the Sangai is the sign of a prized possession of the State. The brow-antlered deer scientific name, Cervus eldi eldi once believed to be extinct, was rediscovered in the year The high water level, maintained continuously through the year, had disturbed the natural life cycle of the vegetation growth, the phumdiupon which the sangai thrives.

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This is another potential danger to the Sangai habitat. This has also restricted the mobility of the species, leading to inbreeding. The life-cycle of the phumdi involves floating on the water surface during season of high water as in the monsoons.

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Ambubachi Mela 22 to 26 June, You must be logged in to post a comment. This page was last edited on 1 Aprilat The life-cycle of the phumdi involves floating on the water surface during season of high water as in the monsoons. Sangai Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Manipur. The Sangai was believed to be almost extinct by Biology and behavior The Brow-antlered deer is a medium-sized deer, with exclusively distinctive antlers, measuring — cm.


It lives in the marshy wetland in Keibul Lamjao about 45 km from Imphal. In the sangai, therefore, humans find a way of expressing their love for the nature. In the megawatt capacity National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Loktak was commissioned with the objective of ensuring rapid development in the State. During the day there are outdoor events. Socially, the Sangai is the symbol of a prized possession of the State.

essay on sangai of manipur

And a very disturbing effect of the project has been its share of harm to the ecology and the environment of the Loktak, threatening the lake ecosystem, the humans and their lands, the wildlife, and all other life forms dependent on the lake for their living.

Around January last week init was reported that a large chunk of the biomass in the northern part of National Park had broken up into pieces and had drifted freely from the park area. The ten-day long festival lasts from 21st to 30th of November.

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