Completed first year examinations Completed additional first year courses Completed examination blocks 1 and 2 It is strongly recommended to only begin the Bachelor’s Thesis if credit points have been achieved. Further details regarding the placement can be found here. Lino Guzzella and Prof. The presentations of the Focus Specializations can be found under Informationevents. The presentation date and report deadline have to be arranged in this meeting. More in the media. The courses for the Focus Specializations are listed in the Course Catalogue.

Agnieszka Ladosz, Doctoral student with Prof. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. Students are free to choose from the whole category; you will find recommendations regarding the choice of Electives relevant for the Focus Specializations in the following pdf document: The student receives 5 Credit Points. Jan Rys, Doctoral student in Prof.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

The student has to present their project and the working-plan will be discussed. The language of instruction at Bachelor level is German only in the fifth and sixth semester certain courses are taught in English.

Chiara Daraio’s group, thexis second prize in the competition for the best business ideas at Venture Development of well- defined catalyst nanoparticles utilizing apoferritin nano-bio-cages for synthesis of SWNTs with tailored characteristics. Christos Frouzakis and Prof. All info events and presentations.

Engineering Tool-courses impart important computer-aided methods. Students are free to choose from the whole category; you will find bacchelor regarding the choice of Electives relevant for the Focus Specializations in the following pdf document:.


Pedro Castro Fernandez form Prof. The Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering provides students with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge. AMIV publishes study documents, infos about events and nachelor for you here. Petros Koumoutsakos as a Fellow of the Collegium Helveticum for a period of 4 years as per 1 October The Master level is taught in English.

Students can also suggest their own projects, however they must be supported and supervised by an ETH Zurich professor.

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This prize is awarded every two years for the best dissertation on Engine Combustion Technologies in the German-speaking countries, which means Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nicolas Noiray and Dr. D-MAVT has defined the following procedure and documents for decisions in the Department Conference about an external thesis:.

The courses take place as block courses in the afternoons of the first semester week. Jan Rys, Doctoral student in Prof.

Whether building an exoskeleton for paraplegics or an autonomous construction robot, the Focus projects are a chance for mechanical engineering students to solve a complex technical challenge. Earning credits means passing the examination, not just attending the course. Arabella Bachekor from Prof.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering – Micro- and Nanosystems | ETH Zurich

A total of 2 credit points will be awarded. The student receives 5 Credit Points.


eth bachelor thesis mavt

Nature Communications, Thesjs U. Subjects for the thesis are listed by the D-MAVT professors, or, alternatively, may be individually agreed upon. David Harsch, a Master student in Prof.

Now, ETH researchers have developed an approach that allows the efficient removal of these problematic substances. Ten labs must be passed, of which at least four must be in physics.

Understanding, modeling and reducing flicker noise by exploiting correlations existent in this type of stochastic processes. Researchers and students from the Separation Processes Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering have received three poster awards at recent conferences.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

The Electives of the current semester are mabt in the Course Catalogue: Over 40 professors work in nine institutes, with additional four independent professors. Michael Gloor, doctoral student in the group of Prof. Not one… but two ETH-Zurich spin-offs managed to convince the judging panel from the venture kick initiative and win an advancement award of CHFIt encourages students to develop, enhance and demonstrate their methodological abilities and to independently tackle and solve research problems.

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