This is help me stay focused on my task and not go off track. Context-Based Learning in Physics. And this dish makes use of the method boiling. Brief research on each question. I am sure vegetarians will appreciate the different sensory appeal of eggs instead of relying totally on plant sources. They form a protective layer on the outside of the food which sets and hold it together, preventing it from overcooking.

An All-Time Filipino Favorite: Luckily, during the preparation, I have waited for the custard to simmer down before over turning it to a nice circle shape. Simple Chocolate Cake Strength To ensure that the cake had baked properly, I pierced it at its centre with a skewer which came out clean, indicating the doneness of the cake. Egg yolk contains lecithin to enable oil and water to be mixed to an emulsion. To further develop on my research, I will keep asking myself questions relating to the task to keep reminding me about its important relevant details.

Usually the egg white contains high foaming powder.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework =f&n Dept= O Level [6087]

Courrsework took into consideration that I will only be given 2 hours to complete my dishes. Egg yolk contains lecithin to enable oil and water to be mixed to an emulsion. After frying the chicken, you can stirfry the chicken in black pepper sauce. Brush them with remaining egg and roll them in breadcrumbs. At a young age, diseases and virus attack them easily.


While I was waiting for the cake to rise, I also managed to boil the quail eggs. It will help prevent diseases and maintain a healthy immune system. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Which part of this do you need help in? Must check with your teacher. The problems that occurred were straight away solved. Chill till it is time to serve.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

Protein is composed of 20 different amino acids. Maybe you can take some buffet menu and include in your research, from there choose what u want to cook.

f&n coursework sample

Decide in what order you need to do those things. Decorate szmple cut strawberry. They say prepare meals using varied g&n methods, means u cannot just use 1 cooking method. This is because when I was adding the milk, it was too hot and not nicely warm. Besides the importance of eggs in term of nutritional value for different groups of people, I also know that eggs are being used as a form of many traditions.

For each related question that you come up with, you should elaborate by briefly: What are the areas that I can look out for so f&j to improve my skills? List as many of the things that you will need to do in order to complete the coursework. On the later part of this section, I will also place my time plan that I intend to follow the day of my practical exam. I will give comments on my dishes when I am evaluating the dishes. The egg yolk also contains vitamin D.

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This group of people is often active and plays a lot of sports. THen add in corn starch to make the texture stickier. Moist heat methods — boiling, simmering, steaming Dry-heat cooking — baking, roasting, grilling Hot oil cooking — pan-frying, deep-frying, stir-frying Eggs can be used as a main dish like egg tart and omelet or as part of a dish like cakes.

I was able to abide by the time limit 2 hours without much problems occurring. In their golden age, they also find it difficult to chew hard food.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework =f&n Dept= O Level [] – ppt video online download

Check my spelling errors and alter my sentences. I arrived earlier before my Practical Exam started and specifically laid out the tablespoons, dessertspoons, pots and pans that I was going to use. This vitamin helps to fight infection and maintains a healthy nervous system. How did my dishes taste?

f&n coursework sample

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