Landscape 1 We will consider how powerfully realised landscape description can enhance memoir and make for powerful scenes. Fun and informative blogposts on a wide range of topics, plus inspirational interviews with our attendees and tutors. This course aims to provide a framework of the basic techniques for the craft of writing a novel. Point of view simply means from whose point of view is the story being told? Marine Agriculture and Environmental. Research The students will have already carried out research in preparation for this class, researching something far removed from their own lives.

There will also be a minute session at the start or the end of each workshop where further literary extracts or pre-set texts will be discussed and further technical exercises set, or for visiting speakers to hold seminars and answer questions. Working with memory We will look at the business of how we remember and pull down true and valid insights from our past. Drawing on some of the biographies we have discussed so far we will focus on a key question in the narrative construction of a biography: Characters are at the heart of all fiction. We will look at the subtleties between first and third person narratives, omniscient narratives, free indirect style, and reliable and unreliable narrators. Students will be encouraged to give readings of their work to the rest of the group. Create a successful digital marketing strategy and boost your business.

At the end of this level students will be coached in preparing for the future and will meet with literary agents and editors as well as undergoing an assessment.

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No more than words excluding short extracts. The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6. Landscape 1 We will consider how powerfully realised landscape description can enhance memoir and make for powerful scenes. Corporate Social Responsibility Charities Information.


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Some writers soak their fiction in sensory detail; others prefer a stripped, minimalist approach. Terms and conditions can be found here. Find out more about Monique on her website. Reducing masterclas plastic use is essential for the survival of the planet and ourselves – but is it practical, or even possible?

Encouraged by reviewers who described The Pike as being as compelling as the mastetclass fiction, she is currently writing her first novel.

Profile of the course tutor Monique Roffey is an award-winning writer, born in Trinidad. Find out more Creative Writing International Our Creative Writing International collaboration with Writers’ Centre Norwich provides online or face-to-face courses in poetry and fiction set over 12 or 24 weeks.

We will look at authenticity in dialogue and how dialogue can be used to express character, show rather than tell external detail, convey information, masterdlass well as advance the plot. Information for Student Journalists. We will continue with discussions and readings designed to extend our exploration of the genre and there will be more class visits by leading biographers. We will discuss the crossover between memoir and travel writing and look at work by Annie Dillard, Jill Ker Conway, writint Jonathan Raban.

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The right kind of reader feedback helps, but this is not always available. How to tell a story – this level will guaddian on the art of good storytelling and will introduce students to the craft of narrative fiction. From weeks the focus will be on the development of individual projects through workshop discussion.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

This is certainly true of work that has been published recently. You will also have met professionals within the field, including a guest author, editor mastercllass agent.


Should this be objective and impartial; should it be affectionate or satirical: Past courses have been taught by a diverse range of experts including: Knowing how to tell it requires creatuve lot of hard work.

He has taught at universities in the United States, Europe and India. From this point on our sessions we will be focussed more on a work-shop discussion of drafts produced by writers in the group, but the exploration of the genre will mwsterclass through further course visits and by drawing on some agreed examples of contemporary work in biography.

We will welcome a non-fiction crative to talk about memoirs they have commissioned and worked on and give us a frank overview of the publishing process.

Can we stop it? Following a UEA-Guardian Masterclass, many of our students have finished writing and publishing their books, with several going on to win prestigious prizes.

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Short and long pieces of dialogue will be examined. This crucial first step will raise important questions about how we understand a biographical subject and how we make a story out of a chronology. The short story differs from the novel primarily by its length, which might range from words micro-fiction to words, or over 10, words or longer.

Having a story to tell is the first step in writing a memoir. Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. Writing opinion pieces with Polly Toynbee and Tim Dowling.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

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