What is characteristic of a Stage II pressure ulcer? Avoiding arguing with a suspicious client about his perceptions of reality. A patient who has right-sided weakness after a stroke is attempting to use the left hand for feeding and other activities. The nurse increases the client’s fluid intake to facilitate the digestive process. When family members ask the nurse about the purpose of the ventriculostomy system being used for intracranial pressure monitoring for a patient, which response by the nurse is best?

Reorient the client to time, person, and place. It is likely that as the steps in the nutrition care short essay on diwali in tamil evolve and as more research. It may also have a systemic presentation. First Server Button 1. Assess the airway and breathing.

Tell her that she is very rude. I’ve got to go see my doctor. Lack of movement and sensation indicate spinal cord injury, but not cnstipation shock.

Evolve Case Study Constipation Answers

In the case of IC, worsening of symptoms refers to increased infant crying. Establishing a routine identified with each meal 4. The nurse is teaching a client who has facial muscle weakness and has recently been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. Take measures to prevent injury. Chronic inflammatory disorder of the joint synovium. Tell her to stop swearing immediately.

Which task should the nurse perform first? Providing intravaneously administered sedatives, reducing distractions and limiting visitors Which of these patients is most appropriate for the intensive care unit ICU charge nurse to assign to an RN who has floated from the medical unit?


Which action will the nurse include in the plan of care? The cane is held in either hand and moved forward at the same time as the left leg.

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Which of the following should the nurse include in the discharge plan for a client with multiple sclerosis who has an impaired peripheral sensation? Prepare the patient for diagnostic radiography. Rolling the client onto the stuey. Which of the following over-the-counter medications that the patient is taking routinely should the nurse discuss with the patient? A client arrives at the emergency department complaining of extreme muscle weakness after minimal effort.

hesi case study constipation quizlet

The physician orders diazepam Valium10 mg I. This finding indicates damage to which part of the brain? A client diagnosed with a brain tumor experiences a generalized seizure while sitting in a chair. The client has left-sided weakness and an absent gag reflex. The nurse calls the woman’s primary care physician to discuss the client’s situation and background, and give his assessment and recommendations.

Global Aphasia A patient with a stroke experiences right-sided arm and leg paralysis and facial drooping on the right side. The patient’s spouse and children stay at the patient’s side and constantly ask about the treatment being given. Introducing foods on the unaffected side of the mouth. Keeping the radio on throughout the day to provide auditory stimulation 2.


For an effective bladder training program, which nursing intervention will be best to include in the plan of care?

hesi case study constipation quizlet

PET Scan Absence seizures When developing a plan of care for a hospitalized patient with moderate dementia, which intervention will the nurse include?

A patient with a neck fracture at qukzlet C5 level is admitted to the intensive care unit. A client is experiencing mood swings after a stroke and often has episodes of tearfulness that are distressing to the family.

The nurse allows the client to finish breakfast and reschedules ECT for Which instructions should the nurse include in the teaching plan? Pregabalin Lyrica A white female client is admitted to an acute care facility with a diagnosis of stroke. Dr Young apa research paper microsoft word also tested the blood through live evolve case study constipation answers analysis of over 40,

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