Thursday – Textbook problems and and study over all transformation notes,. Wednesday – Textbook lesson 7. Tuesday – Handout 3. Students learn the Choose Love Formula: Skip to Main Content. Check out Mustang TV!

Wednesday – Problems ; ; Friday – Study for test Tuesday. Tuesday – Study for Chapter 9 Test on Wednesday. Monday – Classifying real numbers handout- Work all odd numbered problems. Monday – Problems on the Exponents and Division handout. Tuesday – No Homework.

Friday – Study for test Tuesday. Wednesday – Study for Chapter 3 Test on Thursday.

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All homework this week is out of your math textbook. Find Your Bus Stop. Thursday – Study for Friday Midpoint test. Appointments are required for these free services. Check webssite Mustang TV! Thursday – handout – solve inequalities.

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Monday – Textbook problems ; ; ; ; a,b,c. Monday – Skill packet various objectives.

Thursday – No Homework. Wednesday – Handout 3.


Download our Livermore Schools app today and get connected! Lost and Found Missing clothing and other items? Tuesday – Textbook, Monday – Textbook, Thursday – Lesson 3.

Wednesday – Textbook Problems and Monday – Complete Chapter 4 Study Guide started in class. Thursday – Complete wehsite guide started in class for test on Tuesday. Monday – Two-way table handout. Monday – Complete Chapter 8 Study Guide.

Monday – Converting linear equations handout-from standard form to slope intercept form. Thursday – Complete stained glass transformation activity homewwork have been working on in class. Tuesday – Study for 9 weeks test Wednesday on types of angles, angle measures, transversals, and exterior angles.

Tuesday – Lesson 9. Tuesday – Complete the study guide for the Midpoint 3 Test on Thursday.

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Thursday – Linear Relationships. Your stained glass-graphing linear chjs project is due Fri. Wednesday- Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the missing leg of a right triangle.

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This website endeavors to comply with best practices and standards defined by Section of the U. Tuesday – Textbook lesson 4.


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Wednesday – Complete study guide. Tuesday – Using equal values method to solve system of equations – handout. Wednesday – Problems ; ; Tuesday – Graphing a systems of equations – handout.

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