The program’s curriculum requires students to take a small number of classes each semester, including the Graduate Fiction Workshop or Graduate Poetry Workshop itself, and one or two additional literature seminars. A Minor in Creative Writing is an exciting and strategic companion to many majors. If you have previously applied to the Program and were not selected, you are welcome and encouraged to apply again. Creative Writing Minor Requirements Eighteen 18 credit hours including: The student will be able to meaningfully writing original creative writing and incorporate suggestions from peers and instructors. Please mark your calendars for this exciting and informative Publishing Panel on the Tuesday after we return from break. Check with your advisor.

No hiring manager wants to see a great cover letter with typos and grammatical errors. This goes for artists as well as creative writers. Studies, for example, allows you to make notes on cards and include information in the form of images and videos, allowing you to gather supporting evidence onto same card as the main idea. For the English Major Checklist. I think this helps fight off the urge for young writers and artists to stop creating because their efforts feel pointless. Complete one additional English Literature Elective:.

Joshi Performance Hall Northside. These include, major others, print writing electronic journalism, teaching, writing, public relations, marketing, technical writing, librarianship, and information management.

Chestnut Sterry on Meet the Editor of Analec…. Creative in English Students of any major outside of Writing may choose to pursue a minor in English. Mark your calendars for these awesome events at Indiana University South Bend, and keep an eye out for more to come!


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Requirements for the Minor in Creative Writing 15 cr. Pull it all the way to the left.

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Your thesis statement must express an opinion rather than a fact. Recently, she aligned her scriptwriting class with wrifing directing course, allowing student directors to stage the work of the student writers in a two-night festival.

iusb creative writing minor

Notice how that example expresses a creativf position that can be argued for or against. Use it to map out your thought process, then add notes and images to each stage.

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creatlve My love for editing literary journals is more recent, but no less passionate. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bold images are much more memorable than small insignificant ones, for example. Lauren on Meet the Editor of Analec…. Lauren on Meet the Editor of Analec….

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Ulysses is primarily a tool for writing but you can use it to take notes and by gathering separate notes together in a project you can build an argument. English majors major minor in Creative Writing creative they choose the literature concentration in the iusb.

Begin by carefully reviewing the job description, making a list of specific skills and jinor that match this particular role. After high school, I started using that design knowledge to self-publish small zines of my own work and the work of other local writers. Addicott and Yatish J. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The more art submissions we receive, the better! Minor, English English majors may minor in Film Studies with either the literature or writing concentration in the major.


This is also your chance to show you’ve done your research on the company, its uisb and key leadership. The program’s curriculum requires students to take a small number of classes each semester, including the Graduate Fiction Workshop or Graduate Poetry Workshop itself, and one or two additional literature seminars.

I want to edit the journal because I think its existence is special, and I want to advertise it as widely as possible to keep other students like me from feeling lost and unsure of how to turn their passions into products to share.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Students participate in writing workshops in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, undertake coursework in literature, and study critical theory.

Competency in Creative Writing: Two of the following three:. About Creativee is the blog home of the Creative Writing Program at Indiana University South Bend, providing updated information and, occasionally, inspiration. Competency in Critiquing Creative Writing: Follow these seven tips for writing the kind of cover letter that will help your resume jump to the top of the pile — one that convinces hiring managers and HR professionals to bring you in for an interview.

Teachers will find our lesson plans spark their classroom’s imagination into artistic storytelling and writing. One of the following upper-level British, American, or Comparative Literature courses 3 hours:

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