Click here to sign up. The system can’t perform the operation now. Log In Sign Up. It is quite common that some countries feel more superior to others so if an employee comes from a country considered inferior, even though they have the qualifications for a position, they may not be given because of the bias that they might possibly be incompetent for the position. Within the same individual, there may be job satisfaction at a certain time and the next time, there is dissatisfaction.

New articles related to this author’s research. The challenge here through is that they may under look the supervisors especially when they feel like they are on top of the game. Attitude has three components which are cognitive, affective and behavioral in nature but there are also functions for attitude: Human resource management, job satisfaction and motivation of employees B Aziri Tringa Design, Gostivar , Conducting commitment interviews also may help in further reducing turnover by singling out employees that enhance their feelings of self- orth a d trust y a age e t fou d that ide tifyi g hara teristi s asso iated ith e ployee s willingness to stay in a job could be used as predictors of job tenure. However, as extrinsic motivation rises, intrinsic motivation decreases because the person starts to only look for external rewards instead of working on something for personal satisfaction Burton,

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These feelings can be subjective in most cases. Review of Innovation and Competitiveness: The following articles are merged in Scholar. Within the same individual, there may be job satisfaction literqture a certain time and the next time, there is dissatisfaction. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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Aziristates that there is no agreed upon definition of what job satisfaction is or what it represents; but there is need to consider the nature and importance of the work. Get my own profile Cited by Liiterature Since Citations h-index 6 5 iindex 3 3.


job satisfaction a literature review aziri

If supervisors do not have these elements, it becomes difficult for the employees to trust or respect them. They further quote McClelland on need for achievement12, need for power13 and need for affiliation14 as motivators for achievement and satisfaction.

Individuals with a high need for power enjoy to be burdened, struggle to be able to influence others, prefer to be placed in a competitive situation and status -oriented, and tend to be more concerned about the prestige and to gain influence over others with effective performance. Similarly, job enrichment17, empowerment and sharing power help some employees feel motivated at work Honore,DiPietro et al This is similar to 12 The need for achievement is the driving force that motivates the spirit of one’s work.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

Job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing today’s managers when it comes to managing their employees. With employee turnover, the ability to achieve an optimal level of productivity is a major hurdle faced by companies Chang et al. A Powerful New Model. DiPietro et al The challenge here through is that they may under look the supervisors especially when they feel like they are on top of the game. Having trustworthy supervisors helps employees direct their 17 Providing the employee with more responsibilities to help boost their confidence-this creates a feeling of trust within the worker thus propelling self-confidence high job performance.


By Muhammad Assad Mujtaba. With trustworthiness comes motivation for the employees as they literafure have high expectations of learning from their supervisor. What may be job dissatisfaction for an employee in a developed country may actually be a job satisfaction for somebody from a developing or least developed country.


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Mobbing in the workplace: Usually there is need for one to concede defeat which is not very easy or accepted due to the ego stint.

Therefore, the need for achievement would encourage someone to develop creativity and skills as well as direct all its energy in order to achieve optimal performance. Job satisfaction as a multidimensional concept: Skip to main content. Sub theme employee attitude5 which will be looked at in three ways; cognitive6, affective7 and behavioral8.

Every employee has an attitude towards the environment — either good or bad. This is believed to increase motivation because it is clear to the employees the direction they are taking and what is required of them so they will work towards attaining the goals.

Human resource management in contemporary business organizations: Motivating employees and keeping them satisfied are some of the ways that managers and organizations retain employees and provide excellent service.

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Employers interacting with the employees especially the ones who have stayed longer in the same job would be very informative as management would actually get to know reasons that have kept the workers around and perhaps work harder at retaining them more but also use them as reference points and mentors for the new hires.

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