Wood very hard, close-grained, giving a red resin: Chennai Coimbatore Madurai Tiruchirappalli Telangana: Considering the scarcity of data for Holocene climate variability from lower latitudes, the accrued plant macrofossil and pollen proxies from the sedimentary archives of southwest India imply a Mid-Holocene Thermal Maximum related to intensified Asian Summer Monsoon, as recorded elsewhere. The embedding sediment is organic rich clay. Research Journal of Environmental Sciences.

A similar reduction was also observed in the haemoglobin content 4. This article is about the city. Seven taxa were anatomically recognized among the 25 species of wood assemblage Table 2. The accumulation of fossil woods and sub-fossil logs of large forest trees in a large quantity in the South Kerala coastal plains holds immense significance, when the ecology, depositional environment and geological history of the Late Quaternary is inferred. A manual for Foresters. Deep, moist, well-drained loamy soils of alluvial origin.

VellayaniThiruvallam and Aakulam backwaters lie in the city.

However, they were found to be dicotyledonous woods. All India Radio, Trivandrum.

The iaramana of relatively softer species must have decayed and became a part of the normal sediment. A sample at 2. Soman K Geology of Kerala. A sample at 4. Physiological and Biochemical Response of Albizzia lebbeck Benth.


Though there have been a few reports of fossil woods and partially carbonized logs, these paleosources have not attracted any scientific interest. Considering their ubiquity in the sedimentary sequence, the fossil wood represents a unique palaeoenvironmental database.


Radial longitudinal section showing heterocellular rays. About a dozen species occur indigenously in India and it is difficult to distinguish them xylotomically from each other. This in turn, plays a vital role in coastal dynamics and overall productivity of the region. Komalam, Manimala basin Wood 9. Kelempayan, Melembu, Membuloh and Mempari. Retrieved 22 January Daniel is considered the father of Malayalam film industry.

karamana river thesis

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 3—4: Therefore, the thriving of a dense forest cover during Early to Middle Holocene is mainly attributed to the heavy rainfall. It is during this period that the deserts of Sahara too witnessed development of large lakes and prolific forest kaeamana [58] and the Chad Lake in Central Africa expanded to three times its present state [59]. Kowdiar road; also known as the royal road or “Raja Veedhi”, as it leads to the Kowdiar Palace.

karamana river thesis

The functions of the Municipal Corporation are managed by rver departments—engineering, health, general administration, council, accounts and revenue. Indian Space Research Organisation. Prasar Bharati, Government of India.

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This technique has already gained importance in palaeoclimatic study [2]. He also established the first film studio of Kerala, the Travancore National Pictures at Thiruvananthapuram in The Riiver Development Authority is responsible for the statutory planning and development of greater Thiruvananthapuram region. Retrieved 15 December Consulate of Sri Lanka in Kerala.


The classification and phylogeny of Nauleaea based on molecular and morphological data favours maintenance of the genus Neolamarckia [38]. Thiruvananthapuram is a major tourist centre, known for the Padmanabhaswamy Templethe beaches of Kovalam and Varkalathe backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu and its Western Ghats tracts karakana Ponmudi and the Agastyamala.

Vizhinjamwhich is now a region in the present-day Thiruvananthapuram, was the capital of the Ay dynasty. The heartwood darkens with age. Published online Apr Our thessi since in the coastal plains and adjacent hinterland of Kerala State, situated in the southwestern part of India, points out several areas where logs of such fossils are found under thin overburden of Quaternary deposits [1] Unlike tyesis woods of older geological periods, the Quaternary woods are seldom preserved as petrifactions or permineralized forms.

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