However, during the same period, national cellular outgoing traffic to cellular networks grew by a sizable The findings from this research are as follows: An International Peer-reviewed Journal Vol. Equity financing means rising funds for company activities or operations by issuing stocks to individual and institutional investors. PTCL’s profit after tax at Rs 7. If that value is negative, which is in our case, this means there is a negative relationship exist between predictor and dependent variable.

This time foreign companies are invited for the bid, and government also had a plan to hand over the management for the improvement of PTCL. The long term, financial position of the firm remains unaffected. Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, we are present in every corner of Pakistan to serve our customers. Summary 31 2. The initial benefit is that the students can have top-quality services once they choose our cheap essay writing services.

This gives PTCL a unique position in terms of providing to carriers and individual consumers alike.

Ufone in Current Competitive Era and its Employees Level of Commitment

Above hypothesis which tested on these tables and financial data analyzed. History of PTCL 28 1. A brief account of the growth after deregulation in telecom uffone is given below. A company with much more debt tha n equity is generally called “highlyleveraged.

literature review of ufone

This metric compares two balance sheet entries, total liabilities i. The dependent variable is financial leverage and independent variables are profitability, size and growth of the firms.

A comparison has also been made by comparing the resul ts of the questionnaires being filled in by the subscribers of different telecom companies. Highly leverage firms have lower profitability and lower leverage firms have higher profitability.


The money which firms or businesses invest in purchasing land, machinery or other fixed assets is called capital investment. If that value is negative, which is in our case, this means there is a litersture relationship exist between predictor and dependent variable. Today, for millions of people, we demand instant access to new products and ideas. This study investigated the relationship between financial leverage and profitability of the firms belongs to cement manufacturing sector of Pakistan.

Conclusions and recommendations are given at the end. They are setting free the spirit of innovation. Humor is hard to do and underappreciated, but out of all the advertisements marketer have done the once attempted to use humor were favorites by far. This could be the reason of contradiction in results of both studies.

literature review of ufone

There is in-significant impact of financial leverage on profitability ilterature means that firms have impact of financial leverage on the profitability. Following is the background to respective companies: Debt to equity ratio indicates that how much portion of capital structure is being financed by debt.

The determinants of capital structure choice.

Financial leverage metrics compare literqture funds supplied to a company by creditors to the funds supplied by the company’s owners. The regression of model and correlation is used to check the factors that influence on the financial leverage. Revenues jumped by an impressive They found the result that Pakistani owned and private companies used different types of financing patterns, Government owned companies employ more leverage than private companies. The question is that how can advertiser capture the attention of viewers?


Order Ufonf Order Getter Order getter Definition The role most synonymous with selling is a position in which the salesperson is actively engaged in using their Executive Summary main power players the opportunity to work on what they are best at doing marketing and engineering the product. The investigator explains the sensations of television advertisement and its relation reviww purchase intention.

The hypothesis of the study was there is a significant negative relationship exists between financial leverage and profitability of the firms in cement production sector listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. The study will use certain ratio as independent litrrature leverage as dependent variable with the help reveiw regression analysis the conclusion will be drawn.

The conjectured relationships among the variables are established on the basis of previous literature available. On the wireless broadband front, a major upgrade of the WLL CDMA network was rolled out in order to provide wireless broad and services in 17 major cities.

Literature review of ufone – hacked by aslan neferler tim

Others from telecommunication companies of Pakistan. To improve the relations with purchase intention and humor in advertising in Pakistan are the major factors in this study. Federal Government questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process:

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