Fingerprinting and validation of a LC-DAD method for the analysis of biflavanones in Garcinia kola -based antimalarial improved traditional medicines. The compound was determined as phenolic 1. The rats first received carcinogens known to elevate cortisol and reduce testosterone. This study was carried out to investigate the cardiovascular effect of The results indicate that GK has potential to inhibit mitogen activated vascular cell growth and possibly inhibit inflammatory responses to LPS.

Hormonal assay The hormones were assayed in the serum of the animals following the procedure outlined in the manufacturers’ instruction manual as described for testosterone Chen et al. After this period the animals were sacrificed by intraperitoneal injection of pentobarbitone. Cell viability was measured by the MTS assay; for the clonogenic assay, colonies were stained with Giemsa and counted by direct visual inspection; For cell cycle analysis, cells were stained with propidium iodide and analyzed by cytometry; Cyclin A expression was determined by immunoblotting; Apoptotic cell death was determined by annexin V fluorescein isothiocyanate labeling and Caspase-3 activity in living cells. Changes in carbohydrates metabolism were determined by the method of Folin and Malmros microprocedure as modified by [ 39 ] and verified by using the enzymatic-calorimetric method [ 40 ]. Diagnosis of a testosterone-secreting adrenal adenoma by selective venous catheterization. View at Google Scholar R. The compound was isolated by using column chromatography and characteristic with ultra violet spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, mass, 1H-NMR, and 13C-NMR.

Simultaneously, GF supplementation significantly protected the HFD induced changes in hematological parameters. The quantity of fruit rind extract directed the morphology of the as synthesized particles. Hormonal assay The hormones were assayed in the serum of the animals following the procedure outlined in the manufacturers’ instruction manual as described for testosterone Chen et al.

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In contrast, the investigated populations from the Moulouya and Oum er Rbia basins could not be assigned to any previously described species. Besides, it also helps to enhance fat oxidation while reducing de novo lipogenesis. This is detrimental to fish, and animals in general including human. Specificity of the Kola nuclear power plant geographical position, conditions of region economics determine fuel management strategy.


Flavonoids and condensed tannins from leaves of Hawaiian vaccinium vaticulatum and V. The obtained results confirm the insignificant levels of contamination of bottom sediments of some trace elements. Water Quality Total hardness and total alkalinity were measured by the titration method [ 33 ].

Ikpesu, Responses of Clarias gariepinus and Oreochromis niloticus to endosulfan [Ph. However, there exists today in Russia several potential long-term, world-threatening environmental problems if they are not addressed and resolved within the next few years. The herbicide has been approved by regulatory agrcinia worldwide and is effective in killing a wide variety of plants, including grasses, broadleaf, and woody plants.

The objective of this study was literaturw evaluate the antimicrobial interaction between the methanol extract of Garcinia kola seed GKS which is chewed habitually as a masticatory In CR fuel followers modernized docking unit with hafnium plates are intended for energy-release splash suppression is used. Its lifetime should be 50 years.

literature review on garcinia kola

The data are digitized at the array site and transmitted in real time to a processing center in Apatity. The results of this research will help to design pre-processing conditions of mangosteen pericarp as a source of antioxidants. The animals were housed in aluminium cages placed in a well-ventilated house with optimum conditions temperature: Isolated compounds from Penicillium sp.

Leonard have been shown to be responsible for aphrodisiac activity Ernst and Pittler, ; Gauthaman et al. The status of nuclear cooperation with Kola and Leningrad nuclear power plant.


These boreholes all penetrate crystalline formations, but major differences are found when their tectonic environments are compared. With this investigation, we have detected evidence of radioactive waste leakage in the marine environment, but the environmental impact on the bays has been minimal.

The claim of an Octogenarian on Garcinia kolanuts crude water extract on his open angle glaucoma has opened up a series of researchers into the native nuts as to their pharmocotherapeutic properties.

Thus GK may be useful in condition that is characterized by cellular proliferation and inflammatory responses. View at Google Scholar P.

Garcinia Kola Seeds: Is the Aqueous Extract a True Aphrodisiac in Male Wistar Rats?

Adsorption of quinine 2. The results of research of energy inputs for the production of a ton of steel and cast iron have been presented.

The main source has been an earlier NKS-report: Dead larvae became soft and bluishblack and, occasionally, dry and brown. The inactivation kinetics followed a monophasic first-order model with k values between 1.

Full Text Available The synthesis of gold nanoparticles Au-NPs is performed by the reduction of aqueous gold metal ions in contact with the aqueous peel extract of plant, Garcinia mangostana G.

literature review on garcinia kola

The animals were housed in accordance with the WHO animal regulations. Garcinia cambogia, a Chinese herbal medicine, was popular due to its effect for weight loss.

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