Soften the line and push for accountability. Anythig less than pointing to the president would mean that the resource persons are lying. When the containment and reserve forces arrived at the Vehicle Drop-off Point VDOP , the situation in the area of operation was already hostile. Without coordinating with those who understand the realities on the ground, the framers of Oplan Exodus sent the SAF troopers to a strange terrain where 44 of them met their end. He explained that the fighters were not shooting at SAF troopers but at years of oppression. February 16, at But military and Filipinos?

There were about 15 to twenty armed elements. The ambassador describes the event as a “very sad development for those of us who care to see peace in the Philippines. The wide terrain between their location and that of the 55th SAC was literally flat without adequate cover and concealment. The group also appealed to the public to be cautious in blaming the MILF for the incident. Thanks a lot and hope you will still come back after your assignments to visit my site. It was a now-or-never operation, and they had?

This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat But subordinate to the peace negotiators are other coordinating bodies, including a massacrs fire team. Their mission was to serve outstanding arrest warrants to two notorious terrorists who have long been pursued by authorities, namely Abdulbasit Usman and Zulkipli Bin Hir, alias Abu Marwan.

mamasapano massacre essay

I wish Duterte exhibited a better sense of control and rational judgment. Upon hearing the gunshots, Usman and his cohorts fought back.

Mamasapano clash – Wikipedia

Unfortunately for the CIA and the Americans they were fighting the wrong war in Vietnam of their own making. Actually most of the MILF combat commands have been supportive of the peace process. Even then, I underscored the need to alert other branches, or their respective heads; the notification must come at the appropriate time, with complete information, for wssay to make the necessary preparations. Say what you want about the veracity of statements from the government or from the Inquirer or from the second noisy beggar on the fifth filth-ridden side-street, but the fact is that here there is no way to choose between multiple assertions of truth regarding critically important events and especially something as extremely critical as thisand thus one is mamasqpano to mix and match between tidbits of information most congenial to his tastes, motives, and disposition.


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I think it is all just a matter of enough people having enough time to live a whole non-split life. He to me is amazingly strong in that he does not succumb to the popular cries for immediate findings, devoid of facts.

Mamasapano clash

Or, a selfie twinkle from smartphones flash documenting the last gasp of life? February 20, at 9: Maasacre has acknowledged that he is responsible for all that happened. Starting by trusting Binay for example would definitely be the wrong place to start.

The Americans are yet to be stalked by tabloid media.

It could be that the Philippines and its institutions are not yet quite ready mamasapxno that kind of leadership. Come on, Jobstryker, say it.

mamasapano massacre essay

A lot of Filipinos, I would observe, cannot, for they cannot delegate up to their esaay the right to make hard decisions. This is why, to all of my countrymen who desire peace, from lawmakers, to the members of the uniformed forces, to the leaders of the MILF, to our countrymen in the Bangsamoro, and to every decent Filipino: FBI says it had no priorknowledge of deadly Philippine raid targeting militants”.


mamasapano massacre essay

Not the President, not the press, not most of the Senate. Sending unarmed peacekeepers between firing units is obviously not the way.

Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

If they were seriously considering peace then they should have handed over those that killed the policemen. Whom would you trust among the top guys in the Philippines now?

ButigLanao del Sur. I guess the real question for the people asking for the president to accept responsibility for everything is: Their failure to stop the shooting requires thorough investigation.

Lessons from Mamasapano

MILF leadership wants the peace agreement to come to fruition, but this is not shared by the hard core fighters. Peg it 25 or 30 or 50 years down the pike.

Your comments will be deeply appreciated. Behind them are self-serving opportunists each seeking a cut of fame the Senate deteriorated into being a pack of these people, from Marcos to Cayetano to Legarda. Institutions should be strong enough so that strong leaders are rarely needed and competent, honest leaders are mostly enough. Was probably not included in the contingency plan.

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Was it ever established why the other SAF men failed to reinforce the group that was under fire? Newer Post Older Post Home. Behind them are self-serving opportunists each seeking a cut of fame the Senate deteriorated into being a pack of these people, from Marcos to Cayetano to Legarda. The survey was commissioned by The Manila Times. That says, in order, Santiago, Duterte, Cayetano.

But it is hard to build trust in a society where it is so sorely lacking because people do not know where to start. The clash has been dubbed as the biggest loss of government elite force in history. My thoughts in the centennial years. So the boss is not fully objective — no boss is — and has many reasons for being skeptical. Constitution is over years old, the Philippines had 3 Constitutions in the 20th century.

In economic sense, filipinos are employed internationally not because we speak Tagalog but because we speak and understand the Universal language- English.

If you go into someone elses turf, you have to be extra careful because they are always at an advantage knowing their own terrain. It is intended as a swarm of small drones with explosives coming together to form one big explosion, the opposite of a big cluster bomb splitting up to create many small explosions.

If he can not or if he is not capable of being the comander-in chief, then he better relinguish that capacity and someone who is willing to do it better take over. We are, therefore we must must push, throwing our grains of sand into the oceans of public opinion in hopes that an island will form.


FULL TEXT: English translation of President Aquino’s speech on the Mamasapano clash

But PinoyInEurope above explains it very well. The group turned around and one of them started chatting with my bro like they were old acquaintances.

February 20, at 8: Telling the moon to cover the sun when you happen to know that there will be an eclipse. It would require an executive session to continue this dialogue, but I believe all the conference rooms are spoken for. As for internal Filipino colonization — it has always been there. We will cope, and we will adapt, in our own time. Hence the seemingly hectic timetable he was pursuing. This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat That has some legitimacy.

However, the President has assumed full responsibility. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Ah, I love masscare closing summary. Filipinos mamasapanp to conjure incredible bizarre plots. It is not just an economic class, but a class that deals with matters frankly, is connected on line to pick up healthy values, and may still have the old ways tagging along, but they are no essayy dominant.

How many mistakes do we allow our president?

Mamasapano clash

Based on the records, MGEN Pangilinan took it upon himself to withhold artillery fire support in consideration of the peace process and artillery fire protocols. The two chambers already have maamasapano conclusion.


mamasapano massacre essay

Some of the stories just seem badly researched and very amateurish. My premise is if U. Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”. The exfiltration route became dominated by mzmasapano forces.

Kudos to Rappler on that one.

Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

Politically similar to Mamasapano in some ways because the hawks blamed Jimmy Carter for it. I am trying to finish it today because I want to help you my student readers with your requirements.

mamasapano massacre essay

The US has had a long history of engagements in the Philippines and that joint work has been successful in driving most of the rebel forces off Mindanao to the distant islands where they can conduct their beheadings in a serene jungle setting. Ramos remains supportive of the peace process even though he explains that the finalization of the peace process may be after President Benigno Aquino III’s mamadapano.

We can bet that Purisima knew, and Espina did not. Look at their obsesion with the initial rumor that a Caucasian was also a fatality. It was shaped by various incidents and mistrusts that arose over the years that came together at Mamasapano. Wake up guys in politics and media, help build Philippines by rowing along the good peaceful things President Aquino is dealing with.

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