Then he falls in love, and decides to marry an American and defect, knowing the profound impact it will have on his own life and the lives of family and friends. Whilst some …more Hi Livia! His humility and integrity shines throughout the book and we cannot help but cheer him on from the sidelines. The book has certainly given me a new appreciation of dancers ballet in particular and their utter dedication to their art. He made his own version of history. He would tell us harrowing tales of poverty and oppression. What shouts the loudest though from the start to the finish, is that of love.

Then, I grew up and studied the Korean War and realized that my dad wasn’t even in North Korea at that time. On our bookclub night, we watched the movie to compare it to the book, and I found that the film skipped over two of the most memorable moments in the story for me: He defects to America during his second visit which causes tension and much drama. The author crafted a storyline starting from until when he defected. Got a news tip? On a second year-long visa he fell in love with another dancer and decided to defect. What shouts the loudest though from the start to the finish, is that of love.

Sometimes we become so impatient to get to the destination, but we miss the pleasure that [is] inherent in the process.

At the age of 18, Li was awarded one of the first cultural scholarships to go to America and was a soloist with the Houston Ballet.

maos last dancer essay questions

In Communist China, all the Li family had was each other. Li’s life changed forever when he was selected to go to Beijing to become a dancer lat Mao’s Beijing Dance Academy.

maos last dancer essay questions

I found this refreshing, living in a society where we tend to accumulate and hoard possessions and compete with each other, and where families are often fractured and family values lost as a result of this.


Bush played in his life Essa Bush was a patron of the Houston Ballet. The writing’s a little clunky, but this isn’t a book written for the sake of literature. This is a true story of a real person who is still alive and riveted me because he was growing up when I was and living this amazingly different life over there in China. dajcer

Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin

I very much admire what he has accomplished, but my stars are for the book, not the person. View all 9 comments. Could you please take a look and tell me what you think? Feb 12, Emma rated it it was amazing.

Mao’s Last Dancer Li Cunxin believes mistakes teach the most valuable lessons

While I thought the book ended too soon, the post script was helpful and gave a sense of finality. Many of these stories lack a sounding logic. Li’s life is an amazing tale of courage and determination. I feel it and I promise to make a change as well.

MAO’S LAST DANCER – A-Level History – Marked by

Li excelled as a dancer under the careful tutelage of many teachers. View all 11 comments. I knew so little about Chinese culture when I read this book. His struggles at school are familiar, but I’m not sure if Li examines hard enough what makes him so talented as a dancer. The author told his alst story through vivid detail imagery.

It was an interesting book. Enjoy what that beautiful movement is all about,” Teacher Chao told him.

His descriptions of their living conditions as seen through mqos eyes as a child were matter-of-fact. The dedication danecr Li gave to dancing when he realized it was his way out of poverty, and the continued level of training he gave to dance after his defection to the states allowed his to be the best.


View all 25 comments. It’s this photos ABC crew attacked by mob in Jakarta’s violent post-election riots photos China blamed as a major source of illegal ozone-depleting gas What I wish I knew when my dad was dying photos We know what gaslighting is, here’s what victims of the abuse have to say ‘We have come so close’: His sense of guilt is understandable and he never seemed to take his fortune for granted.

In fact, he was only an infant when his parents fled — before the DMZ was set up. Its his humility and hard work that takes makes him famous. His break comes in the form of a delegation from Madame Mao’s Dance Academy – he’s selected at the last second for a ballet program in Beijing at the age of The world up here is enormous. As well as all the other great things about our state!

I know Li Cunxin had something to do with the Queensland Ballet – I think he was the director – not sure whether he still is, but he makes me a little bit proud to call Queensland my home!! Li Cunxin narrates his story in a matter-of-fact fashion that comes off as incredibly naive or coolly detached. The commune they live in provide them with a close community wherein everyone in the village shares in one another’s joy and troubles.

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