Teachers are not required to give make-up work. Absolutely no sagging is allowed. Children must be picked up by 3: Please return it as soon as possible. Others are working in education policy or for education technology companies like GoNoodle and LiveSchool. Allowing them to sleep more each day will help alleviate that debt. What will McQueen do about it?

The server encountered an error. Your child will be called to the office at the end of the day during the afternoon announcements to get the message. TCAP quick scores arriving in June The Tennessee Department of Education has confirmed that we will not receive quick scores from state assessments before the end of the school year. Liability for Textbooks and Other School Materials It is the responsibility of the school principal to protect school properties including textbooks, band instruments, electronic gear, and other loaned materials and equipment. Joseph is answering this call. Gym shorts are not acceptable outside the gym. Earl y Dismissal Teachers use every minute of the instructional day and early releases create a disruption for students.

Under each category are links to videos online to help you review or go into more depth to learn the material.

Here are some excellent examples that show the level of effort that is expected from my students:. You may visit Lentz Health Center for a health care release free of cost.


Once your signed test is turned in, you may retake your test in class during work time. Students are welcome to pack their own lunches and bring them to school. That means in a school district with about 6, teachers, about 1, teachers leave each year. The Metro Nashville school board will begin investigating later start times for their high school students.


Head coverings such as bandanas, scarves, sweatbands, caps, do-rags, or hairnets are not allowed.

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In order to make our classroom a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, we have a clear set of policies and expectations. Calling outside groups or individuals to participate in fights, retaliate, or participate in other inappropriate activities on the school grounds or at school events.

Pants, shorts, skorts and jumpers must extend below fingertips. Absolutely no sagging is allowed. If your child is spending more than that amount of time in any subject, please contact the teacher. Those beliefs have led to the development of our school-wide discipline plan. Other districts like MNPS will simply not factor the test scores into student grades.

Without enough practice, kids quickly forget new material. Each nine-week grade will count as 25 percent of the yearly average for grades or 50 percent of the semester average for high school courses. Cheating may be, but is not limited to: Students should be motivated to behave appropriately; sometimes, tangible rewards will encourage students to become accustomed to appropriate behavior.

Please join us for the meetings. The prevailing charter narrative notwithstanding, Stand advocates for strong public schools, regardless of type. We Have to Do Better Our district has to do better.


mnps homework policy

Chains and spiked accessories are not allowed. Students will only be dismissed to mnp listed on the student profile form. Message Board Sometimes it is necessary for parents to get a message to students during the school day.

mnps homework policy

When the start time was later, students showed improved academic outcomes. TCAP quick scores arriving in June The Tennessee Department of Education has confirmed that we will not receive quick scores from state assessments before the end of the school year. Teach for America arranged the donation from HP to reinforce the resources needed in Metro schools every day. School doors open at 7: Any student in violation of this policy is subject to immediate discipline.

They will take your message and place it on the message board. Office personnel will then call the appropriate classroom, and have the child dismissed to the office.

Automatic “0” on the assignment, referral for cheating, call to parent, mandatory conference with parent and principal. Any incidents that occur in an after-school program will be referred to the afterschool program provider for discipline.

Text messaging that contains inappropriate content, profanity, or threats to others. Anyone picking up a child must show identification.

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