In an effort to gain a good understanding of some of the basics of the Suibokuga style, I will begin with a constrained approach to composition. I have found a few sample plans from past applicants that may be helpful I refer to them in my upcoming book about the FSRPP. G 4 May at I think I have a good grasp on this part of my application now. I do recommend that you include your research student period in your timeline.

Some were even asking me if the application process is fair. I would not recommend it. So even if you’re only a beginner it’s worth applying. I think I have a good grasp on this part of my application now. Hello, thanks for sharing this valuable instruction. Hi Marco, Thank you for your kind words! A certain amount of tentativeness is permissible Submit a proposal for a study or dissertation that has already been conducted.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. The best approach is to contact potential supervisors well in advance and ask them what projects they might have available.

Due to mojbukagakusho requests, this promotional price was extended untill. How does it build upon research already conducted on the topic? Looking forward for your answer. Hope my answer help, Minh Like Liked by 1 person.

monbukagakusho research proposal example

Get their feedback on how your research interests intersect with theirs and modify your plan accordingly. You are not locked in to doing things exactly this way, monbukatakusho having a solid plan at this point makes you look like a more responsible and dedicated applicant. What is the background and the problem of current systems Background. I am talking about the copies of certified transcripts, certificates, medical examination report, lab results reports, application form, study plane, prooosal abstracts, etc.


I am a cartoonist. Like almost everything else in your Field of Study and Research Program Plan, it will probably change once you begin your research under your advisor.

Contact, Follow, Share.

Specifically, mine was based on database building and Management for Solid Waste. There are many universities in Japan that teach graduate degree programs in English, especially proposaal engineering fields.

I will try to show what Japan looks like through the eyes of a foreign resident. I want to know the strategy.

If you have a non-National University as your first choice in the placement preference form, there is a higher chance that you would not get placed in your first choice. Thank you soo much!

Research Proposal – Lars Martinson: Cartoonist

MEXT research scholarship information and advice. Lars, your series of articles are of great help not only for those seeking to study in japan, but in other places as well.

You are great man, If I get the Scholarship I promise I will share my experience like you to help others! The rest reesarch my points are written with embassy selection in mind. However, since I already have a Masters degree, does that mean I should only be applying for the 1 Doctorate course available in English?

monbukagakusho research proposal example

A lot of hard work was put into creating this preparation material and into assuring its quality. One Keio professor mentioned in his blog that he expects his advisees to do field research twice during their degree. I have been selected in the preliminary screening for MEXT scholarship and now they asked for a research proposal.


Expanding on what I learn in subsection 2-B, I will continue with more ambitious compositions and subject matter. You will normally have to send all of these to Japan via airmail. If you can find at least one degree program in your field taught in English, you should be fine! It looks like MEXT changed the form and requirements this year of course they would do that only 2 weeks after I just finished spending 8 months writing a book on the same form!

Ultimately, the decision of whether to place you in the degree program or to start you as a research student rests with the universities, not the embassy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Japan-related. Note that the deadline is for the documents to ARRIVE at the embassy; they don’t generally care when it was monbukzgakusho.

I finally finished the application and the research proposal. You can find the answers:

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