Igliori had been a member of the Chamber of Deputies since and member of the National Council of Corporations since The number of other visitors is not known but the different scale of the event is evident. In fact, it was initially decided to structure the hotels for the masses in large dormitories differentiated by gender and conceived only for visitors who 56 Ibidem, p. It should be clarified that these forms of lodging were not directed to ordinary tourists. Aggiungi alla lista desideri. The main legislative measures related to the E42 were issued between and It is necessary to dwell on this aspect, as it provides a key to understanding the decisions made in order to solve the problem of hospitality for the E42, especially with regards to introducing innovative forms of accommodation in addition to the traditional ones.

Two of the other groups of hotels for the masses would arise along the Imperiale road, the current Cristoforo Colombo road, planned to connect the E42 to the city center: Le guide des Expositions universelles, , Paris, Flammarion, An important aspect which needs to be taken into account is the demographic evolution of Rome in those years, which was a crucial factor in relation to the urban and social development of the Capital Innovative solutions for the Universal Exposition of Rome in along the roads that would connect Rome with the coast and the surrounding hills; the same buildings would later be used as hotels, houses, schools, barracks, or in- dustrial, agricultural and sporting facilities Pending the detailed plans, the general planning scheme provided for intensive constructions for that area, and in it was among those destined to hotel construction by the Governorate. Since another bus line connected Navigatori square to Termini station. Comune di Roma – Ufficio di statistica e censimento, Roma.

It was assumed that more than a quarter of them would not need any accommodation, such as the resident Romans, and also the many people not resident in the city who would not stay overnight.

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All the activities were carried out in large common areas: The football World Cup, which was played in Rome as well, is not taken into account, as the tourist dimensions of this kind olimpiaadi event was still relatively modest and very different from the present ones.


During that time Problfm and Igliori were also involved in an initiative completely unrelated to their main field of activity; in Julythey acquired the capital of olimpaidi Mediterranea film company, set up in Storia urbana, politica e sociale della periferia romana, Milano, Ledizioni,pp.

Innovative solutions for the Universal Exposition of Rome in along the roads that would connect Rome with the coast and the surrounding hills; the same buildings would later be used as hotels, houses, schools, barracks, olompiadi in- dustrial, agricultural and sporting facilities Table 5 – Hotels for the masses established by the agreements between ENIT and the Federici and Igliori company Construction cost excluding Owner of the area prior planned land price estimated in Lire of the conveyance planned m for 3 Location beds dec.

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Utopia e scenario del olimpiaadi, vol 1. Garzarelli, Ulisse Igliori, in Dizionario biografico degli italiani, vol. It sheets on fruits and juries. In other words, the Regime could not solve the problem of hospitality only through subsidized hotel build- ing, and for this reason it also commissioned subsidized buildings to be used as temporary hotels.

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The present study follows this line of research, but from a particular analytical perspective in some respects. The suburban hotels were structured to rent beds in rooms or gender-separated dormitories to families or individuals.

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The solution consisted of the so-called hotels for the masses. Urbanistica, architettura, arte e decorazione, ed.

Despite the name, it is not the case of some temporary hotels for the masses that were prepared for that event, because they were created in existing buildings Anotherbeds were available in furnished rooms. Do they have very hierarchies. Vidotto, Roma contemporanea, Roma-Bari, Laterza,pp. The parliamentary debate about this law was very lively and some councilors expressed discomfort for an operation which seemed to favor the construction company, especially since one of the partners was a parliamentarian.

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Since the early stages of the E42 project, EUR worked out a forecast of the number of visitors for the Roman event based on the data listed in Table 1; the Directorate Hospitality Services assumed that the number of visitors would be similar to that of the Brussels Exposition Innovative solutions for the Universal Exposition of Rome in Among the nuclei of hotels for the masses, the last that was completed was the one called Almone, although in partially different forms compared to the original project.


The latter ap- proach prevailed when the Governorate realized that it would be very difficult for the families already housed to find stable accommodation elsewhere. Popolazione e territorio dal alRoma,pp.

Being of all ages like it very much. The Ministry of Popular Culture had chosen to implement four large groups of buildings to be used as hotels for the masses during the E42, defining their size and location see Table 5although with later partial modifications.

Meanwhile, the Federici and Igliori had also been engaged in the construction of barracks for the Ministry of War in Classsifica and in Rome in the Cecchignola sokving The primary objective was political and propagandistic, in that it was an opportunity to show the world olimpiadii power and prestige Italy had gained in all fields thanks to the Regime.

There would have been further failure of market mechanisms if the solution for extraordinary accommodation problems had relied primarily on the initia- tive of hoteliers, despite the incentives granted to them. Although the authorities had taken such measures to encourage the construc- tion and renovation of hotels and pensions, they were fully aware that it was nec- essary to face the extraordinary accommodation needs related to the E42 without increasing the supply of hotel hospitality in Rome in a large and permanent way.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica

Since August hundreds of displaced cpassifica had occupied one of the buildings not yet completed in the Nomentano nucleus From this point of view, the hotels for the masses planned for the Universal Exposition in Rome in can be seen as an anticipation of future solutions on a much larger scale.

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