What was the velocity of the block of wood immediately after being struck by the bullet? What is the velocity of this rocket while orbiting Jupiter at this altitude? Kinematics – Two Dimensional Topic: What is the magnitude of the normal force FN acting on the sled? You throw the ball upward so that the ball lands on the roof of the adjacent building 4.

Through what angle will this galaxy rotate over a period of 2, years? How much horizontal force must be applied to keep this sled in motion along the driveway at a constant speed? Electromagnetic mass wikipedia , lookup. The first quantitative step in adding these two vectors together is to break each vector into components that are either parallel or perpendicular to the x and y axes. What is the coefficient of restitution in this collision? The distance between the sensors is measured to be

A car goes North a distance of miles during a time period of 3. One painter, who weighs lb. What are the units of this tangent line?

Physics homework #14 two dimensional projectiles

What is the orbital velocity of Io about Jupiter? Distance and direction from the starting point! The rubber stopper is measured to complete 10 revolutions in 8. How much work would be required to lift a What will be the vertical velocity of the marble as it reaches the floor?


Where along the length of the bridge could a single upward force be applied so as to lift the bridge without tilting? How much force F must be applied tangentially to the handle of the screwdriver to generate a torque of 7.

What will be the total energy of this system at the lowest point? How much heat will be generated as a result of the crate sliding across the surface?

What is the coefficient of sliding friction between the sled and the icy horizontal surface? What is the velocity of the second car relative to the first car? Suppose that the space shuttle Columbia accelerates at A car is at rest on a horizontal surface. How much work will be done by the applied force on the crate as it is pushed to the top of the incline?

What will be the maximum speed with which the car can negotiate the curve without losing control? Vind altijd de beste prijs! What will be the rate of acceleration of this system?

How much frictional force will be applied to you by the surface of the merry-go-round? What will be the velocity of this projectile What is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the stopper as it circles over your head?

physics homework #13 two dimensional projectiles answers

What is the IMA of this inclined plane? What will be the velocity of this airplane as measured by an observer on the projectipes What will be the final angular displacement of this wheel?


How much horizontal force must be applied to this sled in order to start it sliding across the driveway? What will be the projeectiles gravitational energy contained in the ballistics pendulum when it reaches the maximum angle? From your graph determine the average acceleration of this object as a function of time.

physics homework #13 two dimensional projectiles answers

How much work will be done in pulling this barge a distance of 3. What will be the projectikes angular acceleration of this ring?

AP Physics – Ms. Knestrick

What will be the output force of the machine in 12 if a force of lbs is applied to the input? What is the magnitude of the frictional force acting on this crate? Mass m1 runs into mass m2 in an inelastic collision and both masses stick together and move off after the collision at an angle a as shown. What is the magnitude of your centripetal acceleration? Answers to opposite side Answers to opposite side 2:

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