Missing or Extra Information Aiko bought 6 red balloons and 11 clear balloons for a party. It is closer to 5 in. You can find the product of two fractions by drawing a diagram. You can use arrays to find the factors of Then you can compare them.

A family of five people attends a theme park. Count the parts of the diagram that are shaded and dotted. Multiply, 8 53 Topic 8 Name Reteaching Polygons A polygon is a closed plane figure made up of line segments. See the chart below. The fraction is 8. Write 7 in the tens place of the quotient.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

Both problems use the same basic fact that 25 5 5. How far can A. Estimate how far he drove in all. Imagine painting each proble,s the larger cubes.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

To find the volume of an irregular solid, separate it into familiar shapes. What You Write 1 6 4 tens 24 tens kultiple tens 1 ten 25 tens Regroup 25 tens as 2 hundreds and rteeaching tens. Topic 16 Reteaching 4. Write an equation and solve.


How many songs did Travis play? How long will each garden be? Name Reteaching Estimating Quotients There are several ways to adjust whole numbers to estimate quotients.

How many notebooks can Miriam buy now? Area 55 cm2 base 11 cm height?

Reasonableness Connor divided How long did the voyage take? She babysat last night for 3. What is the ratio of soccer balls to total balls?

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

Or you can use compatible numbers and mental math. How to find the volume of a rectangular prism Using a formula Counting unit cubes You know the length, l, the width, w, and the height, h.

He received a total of 24 stickers. Jultiple a Table and Look for a Pattern Sometimes when you are trying to solve a problem, it can help to make a table and look for a pattern.

What fraction of cake was eaten?

Continue by subtracting thousands. Area side side A5m4m A 20 square meters 20 m2 A 42 cm 42 cm A 1, square centimeters 1, cm2 Reteaching Find the area of each figure. Then add the whole numbers. What You Think 3 7 tens 21 tens 21 tens 1 ten 22 tens Regroup as 2 hundreds and 2 tens. Hours spent studying 3 Total hours 5 Step prroblems. Simplify the difference if possible. How much money did they receive? Inches are smaller than feet.


Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

There are two parts in exponential notation. Is this a reasonable answer? Write its word form and tell the value of the underlined digit. Number Sense Rename the number 7 so that you would be 5. Solve the problem one step at a time.

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