For more information, contact CQUniversity Australia. If the document you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to: For other offer rounds, submit your documentation as soon as possible after we ask you for it so it can help your application as soon as possible. If you are under 22 and are financially supported by your parents or guardians, you are considered to be dependent. If the qualification you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to: Refer to Key Dates and Fees for documentation due dates for scheduled offer rounds.

In some instances, EAS can assist without supporting documentation. Web Content Management by Elcom. Certificate of registration from relevant governing body. Financial hardship is assessed based on your total household income. Groupings and Ranking 2. Must be written on official company letterhead.

Police leyter Certificate of Service that states rank on discharge and dates of service. Note, costs listed could be the indicative first year cost, cost of the entire course or cost per subject. Usually, you can’t apply if you have studied and been taught in English for more than five years. A full PMKeyS statement containing a complete service record which is available to serving members of the Armed Forces.

qtac cover letter

Fill out the following sections: For more information, contact CQUniversity Australia. Cut-offs do not usually change much from year to year but on occasion they can.


qtac cover letter

Find out about personal circumstances under the Financial Hardship category. Cut-offs can also change across semesters and between offer rounds for the same semester. The information you need to provide depends on your personal circumstances. If you sat the test before and not through Letetr, a copy of your official statement of test results. We process your application for 16 institutions. Fees vary between providers.

Year 12 students Your QTAC application. – ppt download

If you cannot provide the documentation, you should submit a statement explaining why you cannot provide it. Where documentation can assist your application, we will email you soon after you apply and ask you to complete an EAS cover sheet and submit supporting documents. Subsidised — course cost is subsidised lettter the cost for eligible students. Type of employment full-time, part-time or casual and hours per week or total hours for the period of employment.

Home Environment and Responsibilities You can apply for this category if you have experienced: If you are eligible for the Financial Hardship EAS category, you may also get financial assistance such as institution scholarships.

qtac cover letter

Weatherdon Fall of Statements of attainment, results slips and award elements documents are not sufficient. If you are not sure if EAS could help you, call us on so we can assist. Log in to Application Services to respond to your offer. The Financial Hardship category relates to your current and recent financial circumstances. Select the Log in button, and log in to your account. Our institutions decide their own admission requirements.


A personal resume, curriculum vitae, group certificates, pay slips, tax returns, separation certificates, employment contracts or documents similar to these, are not sufficient. Visit Key dates and fees for documentation due dates.

If you change your preferences and documentation is required then, we will contact you.

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Personal Illness or Disability You can apply for this category if you have experienced: Home Applying Educational Access Scheme. Skip to main content. Do not lodge a second application for semester 2.

Each statement must include all details listed below. Financial Hardship You can apply for this category if you are from a low-income background and residing in Australia. If you are eligible for EAS, you may get bonus OPs or bonus ranks that can make you more competitive for the courses you apply for.

Resubmit documents you provided to us in previous years, because we do not keep them.

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