Two of the bases, cytosine C and thymine T , are single-ringed structures known as pyrimidines. Both HCl and F 2 consist of the same number of atoms and have approximately the same molecular mass. The effect of increasingly stronger dispersion forces dominates that of increasingly weaker dipole-dipole attractions, and the boiling points are observed to increase steadily. In a larger atom, the valence electrons are, on average, farther from the nuclei than in a smaller atom. What is an orbital? One of the three van der Waals forces is present in all condensed phases, regardless of the nature of the atoms or molecules composing the substance.

Pick a column alsonucleus one that is NOT radioactive? Inter molecular forces are the attractions between molecules, which determine many of the physical properties of a substance. The mass of electrons is negligible in comparison. The number of protons atomic number determines its identity. Larger and heavier atoms and molecules exhibit stronger dispersion forces than do smaller and lighter atoms and molecules. What is an orbital?

Remind students that when ink mixes with water, ink is still ink and water is still water.

sam homework questions intermolecular attractions

For example, what is different about carbon versus carbon? In the space below, draw a sugar and water solution. ICl is polar and thus also exhibits dipole-dipole attractions; Br 2 is nonpolar and does not.

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At a temperature of K, molecules of both substances would have the same average KE. The dipole-dipole attractions between CO molecules are inteermolecular stronger than the dispersion forces between nonpolar N 2 molecules, so CO is expected to have the higher boiling point. Draw and label a water molecule as part of your explanation. Effect of Questlons Bonding on Boiling Points.


The ordering from lowest to highest boiling point is expected to be.

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However, to break the covalent bonds between the hydrogen attractilns chlorine atoms in sqm mole of HCl requires about 25 times more energy— kilojoules. Summary The physical properties of condensed matter liquids and solids can be explained in terms of the kinetic molecular theory. Atoms decrease in radius from left to right.

Explain how the model explores the following rule for dissolving: The effect of a dipole-dipole attraction is apparent when we compare the properties of HCl molecules to nonpolar F 2 molecules. Have students analyze what happens to salt, sugar, and benzene in water versus what happens to these substances in oil.

sam homework questions intermolecular attractions

Use the terms polarity and intermolecular attraction in your explanation of the outcome. They create models of solutions and discover the dissolving process involves a consideration of the intermolecular attractive forces. F, O, or N. Which number defines the kind of elementan atom will be?

Answer All of these compounds are nonpolar and only have London dispersion forces: Electrons do not orbit the nucleus in specific paths. What would be the charge on an atom with 7 protons and 8 electrons? The intermolecular attractions between the ions are what make the salt crystal fairly stable. Draw and label a diagram that illustrates the current model of an atom.


Nitrosyl fluoride ONF, molecular mass 49 amu is a gas at room temperature. It is, therefore, expected to experience more significant dispersion forces. Scientists currently predict new elements based on computer models. Formations of Solutions Guide. This is due to intermolecular forces, not intra molecular forces. The temporary dipole that results from the motion of the electrons in an atom can induce a dipole in an adjacent atom and give rise to the London dispersion force.

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SAM Teachers Guide Solubility – RI

Add this document to collection s. Take a snapshot when the model represents a solution all molecules uniformly distributed and place it below. Therefore, CH 4 is expected to sm the lowest boiling point and SnH 4 the highest boiling point.

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