The date of title selection will be notified. Do not delve into details or. Project II is a continuation of Project I. Therefore, for a late submission of more than five working days, the thesis will be considered as failed to be submitted. Adequacy of the content of the logbook as an acceptably good preliminary report; 8 Organization of the logbook; Tidiness of the logbook; The Logbook must be submitted to the supervisor by the stipulated deadline.

Sample Guide for Project Proposal Report The following is a sample outline that contains vital elements in a students project proposal. The status of candidates as either part-time or full-time students determine the duration of their minimum and maximum periods of study:. Here, the student gives the reader supervisor some background information. Upon successful application and registration as UNITEN postgraduate students, students are required to do their Online Subject Registration which can be accessed at http: Postgraduate study is significantly important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research. Instructional Facilities Lecture theatrettes and classrooms are conveniently located at various parts of the campus.

Progress report not exceeding words needs to be submitted online at the end of each semester. Therefore, students are advised to allow adequate time for formatting, printing, binding, and any other potential sources of delay.

Students should refer to their supervisors for the appropriate referencing style.

Definition of the Final Year Project The Final Year Project FYP is formst engineering project that is related to the students field of study and must be carried out by the student as partial fulfillment for the award of the bachelors degree.


Refer to the FYP Calendar for the deadline.

Fyp Guidelines v9 May – [PDF Document]

Preliminary Background Study 1 3 paragraphs o What is the history of the problem? The curricula, further enhanced with project work, research, vormat experiments and practical training, are designed with inputs from the industrial and commercial sectors as well as from local and foreign universities.

Assessment Criteria for Project II The assessment will be based on the following six 6 considerations: Even though progress reports are often in the form of a memo, formzt writer should be careful to write formal, standard prose. Accommodation facilities at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus can house approximately 3, students. If there have been earlier progress reports, you might make a brief reference to them.

Structure B mixed mode: Definition of the Final Tehsis Project Accommodation On-campus student apartments at the Putrajaya Campus are available for 3, students.

Aim The aim of the final year project is to enhance the students knowledge and skills in solving problems through engineering based projects. It contains the improved contents of the Project Proposal, Progress Report 1 3 together with discussions, results and findings, conclusions and recommendations for future work. If the reader is likely to be interested in the glitches you have encountered along the way, mention flrmat problems you have encountered and explain how you have solved them.

It offered academic programmes in engineering and business management at undergraduate and graduate levels through twinning links with local and thsis universities. The reduction is based on the total marks of the thesis.

uniten thesis format

Nonetheless, students in Project I are required to attend a day intense course on Research Methodology, which will be held together for all departments. Sample Guide for Project Proposal Report The following is a sample outline that contains unitrn elements in a students project proposal.


Indicate the supervisors name and co-supervisor if any Subject: Types of Final Year Projects The Turnitin Similarity Report is to be submitted together with the unietn thesis. The necessary level of competency of English is defined as one of the following: To finish the progress report, you might add a sentence evaluating your progress thus far.

Health and Medical facilities There is an on-campus health and medical centre at the Putrajaya Campus. Social, Recreational and Sport Facilities For Muslim students at the Putrajaya Campus, there is a mosque within walking distance from most of the student apartments.

Student bedrooms are either single room or twin sharing and each apartment unit houses four students. Similarity Check and Plagiarism.

Fyp Guidelines v9 May2013

The main role of the College of Graduate Studies is to administer graduate programmes offered by unjten academic colleges, i. Candidates will have to register and pass a certain number of taught courses as part of the graduation requirements. Assessment Criteria for Project II In order to be fair to the majority of students who adhere by the deadlines stipulated by the college FYP committee, late submission penalties will accrue.

uniten thesis format

No exceptions will be made, even for last-minute printing problems.

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