Many times, these study habits must be learned. Finally you will create your own modern Greek god or goddess, based on the values of our society today. Take time to discuss homework completed. The choices and actions of the Olympians usually affect or explain the world. For this final section of the webquest you will create a modern day god or goddess.

The search engine www. Don’t wait until the last minute! Emphasize quality over quantity. There are no rules in the world of mythology, but beware: Here is the logo for Good Year tires. Process 3 Presentation Let me introduce myself! Finally, you are at the last stage of the webquest.

Don’t wait until the last minute!

waunakee gems homework

Researching Potential Jobs – on Google Classroom. Social Studies – Mrs. Study a little each day.

Good study habits are important to success in school and in forming good work habits. This handout will serve as a page in the parent resource book, highlighting the most important figures of Greek mythology.

waunakee gems homework

Interviews on Wednesday – practice Read 30 minutes. Waunakee Community Middle School.

Waunakee Community Middle School

We will be traveling far back in time where the only way to share these stories was to speak them. Emphasize quality over quantity. We have seen your outstanding writing skills develop this year, and we have high hopes for your ability to put together an overview of Waunkaee mythology for your parents. Hermes was known for his speed. Spicer – General Music – 8th Grade.


The immortals were given reign or power over many aspects of their lives. Students are expected to read every day.

Waunakee Community School District – G8ors Team – Grade 8

For this final section of the webquest you will create a modern day god or goddess. There are no rules in the world of mythology, but beware: The foot with a wing on it came from the ancient messenger of Zeus, named Hermes.

Other Teachers – Staff Directory. Once you are an expert yourself, you will research one specific god or goddess, and create a biographical page for the resource book. You are about to begin a journey, an saunakee and an adventure. The search engine www. While your teachers have a good start on the resource book, we are looking for your help with the mythology section.

This WebQuest of information is your passport. You will have to use a search engine to find this information on your own.

Make sure that when you are doing your homework, you take out your Assignment Notebook and look at what you wrote down for the day. During this step of the webquest, you will choose one god or goddess to research You may choose homewodk Titan or an Olympian.


Waunakee Community School District – Gems Team Homework

Skip to main content. Many times, these study habits must be learned. You waunwkee have to be the homework police, but make sure that your young adolescent’s homework is meaningful.

Spicer – General Music – 7th Grade. You may go on to Process 1 in order to begin! Ten minutes of this reading will be completed each day during homeroom, and the rest should be completed at home. Take time to discuss homework yems.

waunakee gems homework

Identify the names of famous Greek figures, as well as what each is known for. Nonfiction Reading Challenge – due May 7 You are required to read one of our nonfiction books by then.

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