In subjects such as math and science, practice and reinforcement through homework is key to learning. Alana thinks that one way to ease stress off the students would be to put a greater emphasis on the music and arts program. There never truly is no homework. Recent Posts Rosie Pipada: The amount of work you get throughout your education usually increases overall and is determined by the difficulty level of the class. The person in this interview is anonymous, their name has been changed to Jill.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Students too are hindered, because their learning is broken up. A sister and a teacher You should care about the clothes you wear: In subjects such as math and science, practice and reinforcement through homework is key to learning. She says the township has ridiculously high taxes and they would save money moving somewhere else.

Recent Posts Rosie Pipada: Aderhold, the students and the parents. If more focus was put on emotional states as well, Anita says, than more students would maintain their confidence.

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Pradeep has lived in the country for more than 20 years, he says he moved here for the opportunity to make more money. No Homework Nights, in this respect, are a good way to give students a break from the daily grind and give them a chance to get outside, read a book or have dinner ww their family.

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For homewok it is not uncommon to prepare the lesson plans to the month, or in rare cases the year, as it works out in many AP classes. I like talking to people I see from South, I like reconnecting with them.

Yomework requested a meeting with Dr. They do nothing to address the bigger problem at hand. Little does the teacher know that during this seemingly benign act of exchanging an eraser, two students are scribbling in four-point font the answers nighgs a science test.


Both scenarios undermine the purpose of this day of relaxation and family invigoration. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Given social media the dynamics have changed in terms of bullying.

This is an important philosophy that, in a world of Ivy League pressures and constant striving, is being ignored—to the detriment of American kids everywhere.

Club Committee regulations frustrate student leaders. It was still academically focused but people were able to put that drive somewhere else in a way that was very collaborative, it gave people a way to niyhts with each other.

wwp no homework nights

I think he has really good intentions but it was the wrong way to go about it. While they are a nice sentiment and a step in the right direction, they are not the solution. Nor does the urge to learn for the sake of learning; instead, students rely on cheating.

Putting in time for classes at home is useful not only to learn new information but also, perhaps homewoek frequently, to retain and better understand knowledge acquired through the day. Someone very wise once told me to never let school get in the way of my education.

Students and teachers describe culture of cheating at North

At North, we have the privilege of being taught by people who care about our classes as much, or nighte as much, as we homewodk. What bothers Kathryna about the changes that have been made to the high schools are that there are too many loopholes in them.


Every teacher runs a tight schedule with his or her lesson plans, and most of them use the same yearly schedule that they created when they began teaching the course. The homework load is consistent throughout the year, and you hardly find a day where fewer than three teachers have something for you to do. Students too are hindered, because their learning is broken up.

There was niyhts a level of shame of the math level I was at because I was behind in math and I was never good at it. Additionally, the end of the marking period typically brings a flurry of homework, quizzes, tests, and projects, so students and teachers could both use a break after the mad dash to Infinite Campus.

She thinks people are frustrated by his policies and by how slow policy changes are going. Coming from parents who were born and raised hhomework the Philippines, Kathryna says they are not the typical Indian and Asian parents.

The staff debates No Homework Nights

Young people face more challenges today Anita thinks. It was very anxiety provoking. Priyanka never realized her high school had a higher standard than other schools until her friends in college shared their own experiences of high school with her.

Trash to some, and treasure to others, the agenda is meant to serve a single purpose: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Additionally, No Homework Nights are unfair to teachers.

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