It was again adopted by the Catholic Church and the celebrations spread even further to the Americas and even as far as India. Calabar Reporters celebrates the Queen of Health. However, it is most strongly driven by the performing arts. The secondary and tertiary with panel of judges drawn from tertiary institutions across the state. The Street Party is now the ideal tool for tourism and ultimately Socio-economic essay. The band is also the only bands that has two sections — one for children and another for adults.

This time the world recognizes it as the new frontier, not to be exploited for the benefits of others but to be cultivated on its own. From the findings of the survey conducted for this paper, many residents of Calabar are extremely frustrated by restriction of movement while they feel that their human rights are very highly violated. The Efik also displayed their Ekombi dance. The Calabar Carnival is without a doubt the biggest, best and longest tourism event in West Africa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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African cultures have cpmpetition a massive impact on carnival celebrations around the world! Calabar is actually the capital city of Cross River State. The annual Boat Regatta is a colourful display of flamboyantly decorated boats, pitting local costal teams against each other.

This is therefore, the reason why it is necessary to carry out some survey to find out how Nigerians living in Cross River State feel about the closure of roads and subsequent restrictions of movement during carnival performance along the streets.

I myself was lazy enough to just use online dissertation help but I have some friends who did everything from the very beginning to the end and they told that it was a nightmare. Nigeria CommunicationsWeek believes that carnival makes life more exciting and essays improve the lives of people around Nigeria and indeed the world.

calabar carnival essay competition

The Festival includes the display of international and local musical artists, the Carnival, Calabar, boat regatta, fashion shows, Christmas village and traditional dance displays.


Carnival is a product of culture and one cannot do without the other.

calabar carnival essay competition

According to carnival and event brochure calaabr, 32 in a bid to make carnival a cultural event, the former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke has ensured that communities work together to develop stronger friendship and greater love for their respective cultures and the other cultures of the world. Government and public policy: The Carnival, Calabar which started formally as part of the calwbar of the third millennium, according to pre-event brochure, The pre-event brochure, 29 further states that the carnival performance displayed today is as a result of the cumulative realization of band leaders and members adopting the drumming and singing style of the Africans in the Diaspora that was consistent with the village square band play form.

calabar carnival essay competition

Carnival, Calabar occupies the largest market share in Nigerian tourism sector. The secondary and tertiary with panel of judges drawn from tertiary institutions across the state.

The Carnival Route is about 12km essay and offers it huge venturing and branding opportunities. These are the use of the performing arts employed to promote the Nigerian cultural festivals like dance, music, costumes and other decorations, tourism attractions and calabat, through the streets of Calabar and the issue of deprivation suffered by the people occasioned by restrictions of www.

Cwrnival is designed to resuscitate the carnival culture amongst the youths of the statecontemporary issues of global concerns, children Christmas Camp, Theatre performances, vocational trainings for youth, Fashion and Food Fairs, a weekend at the Obudu Ranch Resort to celebrate Africa, and so many other side attractions. Implications For Human Rights Protection In as both visitors and indigenous people alike, parade their culture by dancing and marching, carnivsl the modern multicultural Nigeria and her fascinating cultural history.

Calabar Carnival

We report everything around you! Calabar Reporters celebrates the Queen of Calavar. This is the paradox of the Carnival, Calabar. Tables 1 — 2 show data from a limited survey of the level of frustration occasioned by the closure of roads in Calabar during periods of annual Carnival and their rating of the degree of human right violation.


In addition, the principles guiding aesthetics of arts were used to describe the quality and symbolism of the Performing Arts involved in the Carnival, Calabar. This an absolute highlight of carnival! They are fiercely proud to show off their roots.

Calabar International Festival

Unfortunately, during the preparation and actual display of the Carnival, Calabar, Some streets in Calabar, are closed, restrictions of movement of people comperition goods enforced while chaos in the transportation system among other ugly social trends are experienced by the people.

Thus, the Carnival Calabar is one of those opportunities available for the performing arts to display that impure quality to the full.

The carnival theme was selected to unify Africans both within the continent and beyond. Implications For Human Rights Protection In This is precisely what performing arts has been used as a vehicle to drive Calabar-Nigerian and other foreign cultures captured in Carnival, Calabar. The Festival begins at the end of November with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Dotted around the many interesting venues within the region.

According to research conducted by the Cross River State Carnival Commission inthe carnival, Calabar attracted 1. Carnival therefore originated from a pagan custom during the pre-Christian period of Saturnalia- a custom which was modified by the church to become a two day festival before Ash Wednesday. Carnival was created when the laborers and slaves who saw the French celebrating canrival costume, and mimicked them while combining aspects from their own cultures. The Efik also displayed their Ekombi dance.

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