The window is break by her yesterday. Mary helped the boy. An English test had taken by Budi just now. I … my bike when it was dirty, but now I am lazy to wash it A. Use the words in parentheses. How many buyers is going to invite me? The window is not going to be opened by the teacher.

Many mistakes are not gotten by you. Dalam soal ini, kami mencoba untuk menyajikan soal dengan jumlah yang lebih banyak, yaitu 15 soal. Grandmother told good stories. Budi has taken an English test just now. My bicycle were fixed by my friends in my house. Contoh Soal Grammar Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya Ada beberapa cara yang dapat digunakan untuk belajar tentang grammar bahasa inggris, salah satunya melalui latihan soal bahasa inggris tentang grammar.

Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Her keys have been lost by the girl. Iklan Tutup KIlk 2x. The technician will be repairs the electricity. Mark Twain writes Life on the Mississippi.

How vokce books does she have to cover? Muttaqin adalah media blog pendidikan yang mengulas tentang, pendidikan secara umum, materi sekolah, soal pelajaran, dan info menarik lainnya. About Me Hana Khanifah Wanita berumur 20 tahun yang masih belajar tentang hidup.


Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense beserta Jawabannya

The technician will repairs the electricity. Sule Sutisna is directed this comedy action movie. Sampah mana yang boleh dibuang mereka? The boy were helped by Mary.

Mary helped the boy. Dimanakah sebuah lubang besar harus digali ayah kami?

Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Simple Past Tense dan Jawabannya

Ya semoga meskipun tidak ada pembahasan soal, kunci jawaban dan rumus di atas, sudah cukup untuk membantu anda dalam menjawab pertanyaan tentang passive conroh di bawah ini. The children are planting trees in the garden now.

The door of her house is knocked by someone yesterday. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Contoh Soal Modal Passive Voice dan Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

Do you ever see my uncle? Juan has studied Math for a test.

contoh soal passive voice essay beserta jawaban

A woman writes the email that you got yesterday. A new palace will be built by the government. I always bring my dictionary everyday to my school, but I … to bring it yesterday. Could Tomi invite a singer to entertain us?


The batik dress mother gave me is old, its color has faded. The door has knocked of her house by someone yesterday. The photos are taken by me Sule Sutisna was directed this comedy action movie. Jackets were being wore by them in the class. A new novel is being read by Tara now. Hanya saja, pembahasan soal tidak kami sampaikan. We joined the match last month.

contoh soal passive voice essay beserta jawaban

The dishes in this restaurant is made by a famous chef. Do see ever you my uncle? A bar of chocolate is given to us by Jenice. A letter is written by Omar lastnight. He will be promoted. You can mix pleasure with learning when you listen to a song and exploit the song as a means to your English progress.

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