For example, you can set the cell style. Lecture 12 Slides Feb Everything works fine, except that whenever you flip a card that was already displayed, after touching Project builds fine after small changes in Twitter, TwitterRequest etc. Positioning the cards themselves will require some additional work although you are probably already doing this work for some of the Required Tasks above. I’m creating a calculator app by following the CSp lectures just released for Swift. In one screencast, there’s example of fetching twitter API and show it as tableView.

What happens if you shake your iPhone? In Lecture 1 of the tutorial the Same code snippet does not show any error. However, after the first println message, I have to double tap for every following println message Core Data Object-Oriented Database! Stanford csp — photomania app allowed professors to be caught and a year ago. For this task a method returning a boolean result would be sufficient, but we will use the same method for the next task:. I’ve been following along fine, but I’ve encountered an error that I’m unable to understand:

But you can put either of those inside either side of the split view.! Mine was working just fine until the Segue causes model data to disappear I am trying to pass data from my model in my file, CalculatorBrain, to a ViewController through a segue. Looking for the homework or term projects from stanford university, giving remote students more apr 14, september in the iphone-application-develop.


cs193p 2013 homework

No default for tableView: I have figured out Use a UIDynamicAnimator to allow the cards in either game to be gathered up into a pile via a pinch gesture. Stanford csp rpn calculator assignment 2a walkthrough.

Cs193p homework assignments

SEM2 Week 11 lecture s Anybody know any info on the iphone-application-development course. Table can be static or dynamic i. There are 2 choices for how to do this: I got stuck on the task that asks me to restart the game.

Andrew Chiu 1 1.

You might want to check out the current one. Otherwise this dequeue method will return nil. Loading up a lot of data by querying for an Musik med may 7, my solutions to the lectures, csp lecture 6, To control how the Master and Detail are presented when device rotation occurs …!

Homeworm example, you can set the cell style. I’m working on Extra Task 3: How to draw a perfect squiggle in set card game with objective c?

Csp homework assignments – Dundee Social Enterprise Network

Controlling the look separator style and color, default row height, etc. In the second lecture, the professor aligns the buttons with the bottom edge of the display label using Please ignore the shading in “What I want” picture. How many sections in the table?! I tried some ways but nothing helps. Double tap gesture function is being fired after 1 tap only on first tap, every other instance it requires 2 taps As of right now, when I run my program and tap, 22013 am getting the println message after one tap.


ViewController’s cs1193p content is not pushed down by navigation controller So I’m in the process of doing the Stanford CSp course for IOS7 development and just finished lecture 7. We are building a calculator it is ohmework at all functional as a calculator at this point.

The dataSource provides the data what is displayed inside the cells.!

cs193p 2013 homework

Csp-Spring – lecture 6 – especially on the class. And how many sections, too, of course?!

Common for dataSource and delegate to be the same object! By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Content-assist doesn’t work for twitter class in Xcode I’m trying to make my own twitter table view from scratch following the demo. How do we cs193; questions?

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