At the beginning of Chapter 15, for instance, we can observe the use of verbless constructions that function as illustrative descriptions, just as a movie script does: But over a long period of time and because it is the product of so many men, it is perhaps the purest thing we have. Here drought and poverty combined to deprive many farmers from their land. In fact, the low angle shoot emphasizes the greatness of the machine over humanity. They have been tenant farmers for many years. What happens now to them–to anyone–depends on the ability of the rest of society to learn what the Joads have learned” Honesty has a way of creeping in even when it was not intended.

He listens with intense concentration to every sound from the truck for which he feels responsible. In a sense, we can almost see this journey representing an old, corrupted world dying and making room for a new, hopeful one. When the Joads assemble to undertake their journey in their old truck, their revolution starts. For example Steinbeck quickly introduces the used car lot with only a few short sentences: Not only did Steinbeck have to fight against censorship, but it also provoked a crucial battle among the public: The family settles down for the night at the first camp they come upon, a shanty of tents and shelters and the men strike up a conversation with Floyd Knowles. They soon start to decay and fall apart become inhabited by animals.

The novel was first announced in December 31,and appeared before the final publication in April 14 of the following year. They speak largely to the philosophy that governs the entire novel. Loneliness shows up next in the life of Crooks. Professional writers and researchers. Her chief objective has always been to care for her family, to make sure that they are fed, comfortable and safe. The repetition of key elements, often symbolic or thematic in nature, also works to integrate the two types of chapters.

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In fact, the low angle shoot emphasizes the greatness of the machine over humanity. Another journey begins for Tom and for the rest of the Joads towards California. As a 35 year old woman she is childless and extremely dissatisfied in her passionless marriage to her well-meaning but utterly clueless husband, Henry. A second technique, perhaps most widely used in the intercalary chapters, is that of dramatization: The idea of searching for a new opportunity in life not only stands as one of the main goals among American individuals during this recession period, but also takes us back to the foundations of this self-made wraath.


Realism, Magic and the Art of Adaptation, Robert Stam 3- 4 argues about the issue of fidelity and the passage of a work of art from one medium to another: Technically, we spectators or readers become sinners as well.

The Grapes of Wrath has sixteen intercalary chapters. This theory is elaborated in The Grapes of Wrath in the education level of those who are oppressed, the organization of unions and the use of strikes and protests as a way to demand change and fairness. She believes that her family will experience any fear or pain that she experiences, so she pf everything in her power to stifle these emotions in herself. She insists that the family must stay together. The author uses an unconventional method of interjecting chapters of random information — or commentary — between narrative chapters and this jumbling of information is found by many readers to be distracting ljterary said to take away from the realness of the life and kf of the Joads.

The ending in the book bestows the whole story with a cyclical meaning at the same time it suspends the destiny of the Joad family, and the very last instance of hope is the mysterious smile of Rose of Sharon. The puritan settlers never imagined the sins they were escaping from to persist in a never ending cycle throughout all human history. For a final trial for the poor turtle, it is attacked by one the abandoned cats.

Likewise, the tractor appears in this sequence as a monster that cannot be tamed, and destroys the life of its creator.

Another effect that Steinbeck uses in this passage and others is the repetition of a key phrase.

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They had been staying with a relative and had plans to make the voyage to California in search of employment. Not only is The Grapes of Wrath set during the Great Depression, but both novel and film are also released towards the end of this period. Ma, since the first chapter, has proven herself to be the backbone of the family.


Rose of Essaj is easily one of the least likeable characters in the Grapes of Wrath.

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As has already been stated, the film operates mostly in limited, close spaces and through medium shots where the characters are the spotlight. However, as Jim explains to Tom, that while he is still a God-fearing man, he no longer feels a divine calling and has renounced priesthood.

literary analysis essay analyzing one of the intercalary chapters of the grapes of wrath

Today he is remembered because he told real stories about real people. In addition, the movie follows this litfrary method to the point it highlights even more all these powerful images found in the source text. But he has learned about cars and this is useful for the family. Inthe power of Hollywood over the audience was evident and any kind of striking image would be rapidly extended.

Hundreds of unemployed people took the streets as their new home, others built the town of Hooverville as their shelter in Central Park, and a great mass of migrants were led by hope in search of work.

literary analysis essay analyzing one of the intercalary chapters of the grapes of wrath

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword: In addition, neither the story of the turtle, nor the story of the Joad family may end happily, but both the turtle and the Joad family will survive despite attacks and difficulties.

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