India in particular still partakes in this caste system, where the population have subdivided into different classes based on family bloodlines. I was wondering if you’d be able to have a look at my Dead Poets Society essay that I just wrote, and give me some feedback and how I could get a higher grade for it perhaps. This is a website worth consulting. I would also strengthen your conclusion and your intro – see my suggestions for this on the attached. Can you please give me examples of what you would say in each paragraph?

Thank you so much for all the help you put in to helping us with our essays! I have made some suggestions in green – but otherwise the shape and structure are looking very sound. Like in Gattaca, the lower classes have, too, been left disadvantaged and outcasted by the very own people and community that has been so familiar to them. It is this way that Niccol makes us question just how close our world is similar to Gattaca. Jerome’s house as a setting shows Niccol’s idea that discriminatory systems lead to unprecedented consequences.

Are we truly better off conforming to one ideal standard in society to get along and be as one people – or is it better to hold onto questiobs unique individualities and stay true to ourselves?

Thank you so much! This is due to the increasing esway of social media, which has subsequently skyrocketed the volume of social interaction. Convincing Amir to be good again was a huge step for him as a person as Amir learnt new qualities.

Studyit: [] Level 2 VISUAL text post all your Qs here

I have another completely new essay on Gattaca. Could you please give me some feedback on this essay? I’ve now attached the correct essay to your earlier post, if you’d like to take a look. It would be really great to be able to get excellence on this paper so anything that could help towards that would be extraordinarily helpful, particularly in the ‘perceptive’ aspects! For Red Andy becomes a symbol of hope. Dead Poets Society Essay.


If you have been taught this particularintrepretation, I would still look at the suggested website. Playing in the sun, engilsh books and enjoying what he loved, flying his kite. Kia ora user Essay attached. But anyway, I hope that you guys do not mind giving me extra feedback, which I find invaluable.

Thanks in advance for you feedback on both of these essay!

You are right on track. Significant event Hi studyit, I was wondering what you would talk about if you levwl across a significant event question such as analyse a significant event that intensifies a theme in the written text.

ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014

Hiya essaystuff, You clearly know the text but you need to focus on discussing ‘analyse how’ and the ‘purpose’ of the text. Also the technique of diegetic sound is questiosn, where rushing water currents are used to build up tension and build imagery of the violent nature of discriminatory ideologies like genoism. Sign-up here it’s free.

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It’s perceptive because you see something that no one else has! For example, in my symbolism essay for Shawshank, in the last section I talk about how Andy was able to overcome the psychological effects of institutionalization so he can achieve mental freedom, and he did this through his firm belief that he will be free one day, etc.


This is because I decided that some of my other paragraphs weren’t strong enough so I replaced them with new paragraphs. Try not to repeat yourself. A third significant setting in Gattaca is the beach.

ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014

Thank you Analyse how a main character or individual in the written text was influenced by another for a particular purpose. Set in the not-to-distant future, directed by Andrew Niccol, the film “Gattaca” gives sssay a chilling yet eye opening glimpse of life bound by DNA.

Hi, could you please give me advice on my practice essay for the film Pleasantville? ET10 thank you guys. 201 more words does not necessarily improve the quality of your essay – it fact a controlled and succinct essay can frequently be more impressive.

I was wondering if you’d be able to have a look at my Dead Poets Society essay that I just wrote, and give me some feedback and how I could get a higher grade for it perhaps. Visual question Taurus wrote: This idea can even have applications today, where discrimination has become easier to facilitate. V for Vendetta is rich in symbols and you are rather limiting your content See this website http: Thank you very much….

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