From there, the program can deform the mesh to change your face shape, change colors of different parts of the face, add accessories at the periphery of the mesh, and trigger animations to specific movements, like opening your mouth or moving your eyebrows. Using the data, this website informs Google users of weather conditions at different locales. Through a combination of chance and foresight, I drew from an interest in culture, music, records, film, and consumerism to create strange mash-ups of images and forms, some of which are loosely recognizable as familiar iconography or imagery, but difficult to place. The sensation of being subsumed in a wild landscape was something I was always chasing. However, these posters could still calibrate and focus cameras.

My section is thus created to be recognized and not read. Timeline of Wars in History is a laser-cut book that comprises a record of all wars noted in the historical record from to the present. You can see them here and here. I animate static media to convey sequential stories. What stories are not being told? These are unique situations where a device creates content about itself.

Graphic design in this thesis is rid in the context of generating proposals through research, making form, and creating solutions for people. How can we make more visible the relationships between our bodies and the spaces that they inhabit, the presences that they command? Physical and graphic spaces become grounds for testing visual hypotheses.

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The content becomes an ornament about the device. One hundred forty-nine days abroad. Rixd are unique situations where a device creates content about itself.

This self-re exive method of undoing order — of viewing the neatly bound as a whole or into the smallest fractions, takes my subjectivity and relationship to narrative and reinterprets methods of hierarchy that are historically viewed as objective.


Drew Litowitz We view the world through a series of frames: The jarring use of the expletive within this ubiquitous symbol of patriotism reflects the confusion of being an American patriot in the 21st century, at once embodying and defying the flag. The form will also transform the content. The magazine collected data from more than graduate programs to compile its findings. Because the match is not perfect, the algorithm analyses the contours of the face, looking for thesiss areas to adjust and refine the alignment.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

The alienation between quality and concept is dismissed through the emergence of the yellow box. Writing is a means dssign accessing, understanding, and re-forming our ideas.

The idea for this installation was to locate a void in the city and activate it by using exhibit design techniques.

It also presents the fundamentals of defining a design problem in order to provide a direct solution. Very little room for wiggling. In my thesis investigation, I highlight the ways we recon gure the spaces we occupy, the time we spend and the tools we use according to these systematized metrics. These devices and programs, which have the capacity to produce visual smoothness and polish, also inherently engender repetition and fragmentation.

As an extension, I mass-produced and sold tote bags of the same design.

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By measuring and systematizing objects, bodies, nature, space and time, abstract concepts can be shaped and made tangible in ways that expand our comprehension of what it is to be human. I use familiar tools of designers to discover their inconspicuous characteristics. The consciousness that can create such paradoxes is the very thing that makes us human.


Security Blankets are comfort objects used to mitigate fear and distress in uncertain grapphic.

Later on, I developed an interest in particular group of calibration targets, the ones that are testing the very device that produced them. My role as designer shifts accordingly within each section. What else deserves to be brought back in? Employing these strategies, I reveal the frames and tools through which we view the world. Through designed prompts and invitations, I incorporate musical themes of chance and improvisation, setting up programs, altering spaces, and interrupting existing conditions.

After investigating the Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones I took on a grand quest to define what ornament is.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

These speculative surfaces—which I hope to make real—reflect on the nature of intimacy, attractiveness, and relationship. A book about yellow printed on yellow paper with yellow ink, bound with custom dyed yellow thread.

I carry on the legacy of magician filmmakers who thoughtfully questioned the material nature of their surroundings and tools in order to unearth new modes of visual experience. The installation will open on May 27 at 7 pm and will remain on view from May 28 — June 1 from pm.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

Three examples of the objects transformed—a Sharpie, a thrown rock, and my body—are shown here in this website. Boyang Xia What are we talking about when we talk about identity?

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