The belief that there are dominant causes of variation. The issue I had was the consultant we hired who set up the Red X training with your company.. June 3, at 6: Shainin called this primary cause the “Big Red X” [14] and demonstrated that the cause can exist as an interaction among independent variables. Clients can deploy our methodology globally in 5 different languages English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The coaching reinforces what the student has learned in class while ensuring proper usage of the strategies and tools. I am disturbed that we have an individual out there who is hurting our reputation. Before long we were being trained to use their stuff, and more and more of their consultants showed up. Any reduction of scrap is important, but the process should make common sense. Understand when to use full factorial experiments. Students will learn to confirm the Red X and establish a tolerance that ensures customer needs are met. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

June 3, at 6: When the command module became uninhabitable during the failed Apollo 13 mission, the Lunar Module became the lifeboat that brought the Apollo 13 astronauts to lunar orbit and back to Earth. But, I may be wrong and it may be the best thing since the ballpoint pin?

shainin problem solving red x

That is what happens when people stop thinking. Our goal is to enhance what they are already doing, not to criticize or blow things up. Having served for many years on the editorial and technical advisory board of Qualitythe Hitchcock journal published by the American Broadcasting CompanyShainin was also appointed to the editorial board of Quality Engineeringthe journal for the American Society zolving Quality ASQ.


Ideal projects would involve product performance, durability and reliability and conforming to regulatory requirements. Students develop a deeper understanding of both the application of advanced problem-solving tools and strategies as well as the skills needed to coach and develop other problem solvers.

The Shainin System™ – Shainin Red X Method | ASQ

That is just a stupid statement. Shainin would claim that he could often find the primary defective part within a dozen paired swaps. Thankfully I am not paying for it. While the tools are simple, statistically solvkng and effective, they are only a part of the Shainin problem solving system.

What is The Shainin™ System?

Shainin further developed this work into an analysis of variance, or ANOVA proble, permitting non-parametric analysis of Fisher’s full factorial experiments. They hired the Shainin Corp.

Students learn strategies and techniques for finding the hidden causes that are keeping their systems from performing properly. But, this persons actions made many wonder.

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June 27, at 5: Six Sigma of Shainin Red X. What we do is not a secret. Managing a reliability program.

I am sure Shainin is no exception. One thing I solvnig advise is that if you see the train leaving the station and you lack authority to stop it you either need to get on board or get off the tracks. As far as getting certified — does certification really matter?


Shainin Red X–Is it Worth the Money?

A Red X Journeyman has demonstrated the skill to develop strategy, execute that strategy with discipline and communicate the findings effectively. That kind of makes a person sound prroblem but maybe I am just figuring out how old people think. Strayer, Thank you, good advice on the train station.

shainin problem solving red x

They also learn to confirm the Red X and establish a tolerance that ensures customer needs are met. Learn accelerated testing techniques for both malfunction and destructive events. Solve Defect problems using Concentration Diagrams.

Apply Red X Reliability strategies aggravation strategies, system failure strategies. So, I am up for free training, always willing to learn new things. I like some of the Shannin stuff in particular Solvibg Search. In US industry had begun to focus on the war effort, and Shainin became a licensee coordinator responsible for helping new Hamilton Standard licensees solve problems.

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