New and improved product and services help to increase the maximum growth of the organization. And at the end of each month, they prepare Monthly Stock Statement which state the total sold quantities. The company believes that integrity is the imperative utility to succeed. When someone buys a half litre bottle of MUM he loses the chance to buy something else for that price, say a bar of chocolate that costs roughly the same. It helps the company to survive in the long run on a competitive business environment. Basically, a PEST analysis helps you determine how these factors will affect the performance and activities of your business in the long-term.

Fresh has almost the same purification process. Efficient Management of Non-conforming products: The system of the stocks inflow and outflow of ACI Limited can be designed into the following ways: Technology also builds competitive barriers against rivals New Products New products can help Partex group to expand their business and diversity their customer base. Customers has the right to give their opinion and AFB limited account them as the feed back of their consumer or customer.

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From the process of bale breaking to the packaging of yarn, everything is done with automation and state-of-the-art technology. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Strengths -The industry has unique products. Akij Group is also involved in socio-cultural activities. Though the product is for all, but the communicational theme is targeted to the youth.

Since they already have the major portion of the market aki can well take over the advantage by reducing the selling price per liter. These are essentially non-advertised meets of medical professionals that serve as a training and knowledge-sharing forum, often conducted by experts on the subject.


Bangladesh spinners are using the latest technology of the world compared to that in India, Pakistan and China.

But when away from home they buy bottled drinking water. Corporate grohp and business development division. The industrial wastage means little to them because their factories have been built up with recycling and the environment concept.

It consists of 14 big companies with diverse activities and different products, and launched its venture as a small jute trader more than 50 years ago.

Fresh has almost the same purification process. It also believes that success depends on customers. Because their philosophy is customer demand and want is first so they use both procedures for their customer satisfaction. Suppose the price of MUM bottled water goes down for some reason.

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It has been observed, efficient stock management depends on inflow and outflow of stocks of products that enable the company to forecast stocks of products for future wkij.

They have valuable skill set that quickly walk to the competitors rather than the product profitability.

term paper on akij group

The software in the machine is able to akuj the goup, which do not meet the set standards and compile a list of them automatically. In our country all of the business has strong political stability so AFBL is always in political stability. The patient also gets a card from the pwper. They depend on the WASA-supplied water for other purposes except drinking. There are a variety of other installations to measure both physical and chemical properties, with the most impressive being a latest smoking machine.

Companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi to There is a scope for the local companies be operated as MNCs like Unilevel to attaining maximum market share for rather than the licensing owned by the the refreshing flavored CSD drink.


term paper on akij group

The company of Akij Food and Beverage has a product line of almost all the types of drink and snacks. Pack Size — a 50gm b 25gm c This enables competition of price and quality among firms and sellers, and ultimately helps keep the economy stable.

It is of very large dimension, approximatelysquare feet. It helps the company to survive in the long run on a competitive business environment. The depots play a major role in selling and distributing Consumer Brands products.

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Existing procedures in human resource management and development have been refined and additional ones introduced: The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen different locations germ the country. Factors and trends affecting the overall industry and their implications for this business: This individual works in an amusement park where lots of family’s come for vacation.

The officials of the company, at a press conference held on the factory premises in Dhamrai, said Frutika is a aseptically filled juice in PET bottle introduced for the first time in the local market.

The hospital has beds, of which are totally cost-free. It is paprr that although two separate reports are sent from each depot the quantities mentioned in each do not match creating difficulty for the Finance Department to alij the right figures.

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