Microfilming—declaration permitting reproduction of thesis in microform. A deposited thesis may not therefore be copied without the permission of the author and of the Library in which the copy is deposited. RClarke [at] library [dot] uwi [dot] tt. The permutations are endless. The regulations stipulate that “the thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power. Augustine, print as well as microfilm copies can be made available for public reference and inter—library loan.

Softbound copies of theses submitted are sent from the Office of Graduate Studies to the Co—ordinator of theses. The oldest of the three campuses is Mona, Jamaica. It summarizes the principal arguments, giving the principal data and covering all the essential points of the text of the thesis. Such analysis could determine the use pattern of the literature by researchers including journal impact factor which is considered by some universities as part of academic staff assessment. This first Thesis Guide was quite clear in its intention: It could prompt rankings both in terms of sources and authorship.

Abstract heading, length, style Footnotes Bibliography At the end of the checking the turnaround time is a weekthe Co—ordinator determines whether or not the thesis is acceptable in its present form and reports appropriately to the Office of Graduate Studies indicating, in the case of a rejected thesis, the corrections that need to be done.


Add to collection s Add to saved. Augustine has sustained its routine methodology for microfilming theses. If the examiners deem declaaration work to be satisfactory with minor correctionsMPhil candidates will be asked to make corrections to the thesis and submit the final three 3 unbound copies before the degree can be awarded see step 7.

While ensuring that all entries in the bibliography conform to the Style Manual appropriate to the discipline under review, the bibliography ought to be regarded by Librarians as a significant source of academic scholarship. Abstracts of the Agricultural literature of the Caribbean. The thesis will be examined by at least two 2 examiners i. Following its approval the University Academic Committee endorsed a recommendation from the Board for Higher Degrees mandating the Library to scrutinise all approved theses and report appropriately on their preliminaries title page, abstracts, table of contents etc.


Ghesis could establish intrinsic values and life spans of publications. Augustine Information Literacy Unit dsclaration submitting the work.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

At that declaeation, because postgraduate programmes were not being offered on the Cave Hill campus, and subsequently, because of the lack of space in the Library there, it was decided to retain the third copy of any deposited thesis in the Library of whichever of the other declaratikn campuses the thesis had been submitted. Sincehowever, some theses had been deposited in the Cave Hill Library, the Librarian of that campus having then suggested that selection might be according to need, from theses submitted by candidates who did their research in subjects which were taught on that campus.

uwi thesis declaration form

Augustine campus paid off. Submission of thesis—procedures to be followed. A deposited thesis may not therefore be copied without the permission of the author and of the Library in which the copy is deposited. In short the bibliography is a great wui for scholarly endeavours on the part of Academic Librarians. The polemic stems out of the angst of academics who believe that they should not have parity in terms of status and conditions of service with Librarians.

This will enable the Academic Librarian, at least initially, to determine whether the thesis is for instance, grounded in theory only and the degree to which it reflects interdisciplinarity. Augustine Campus for the three—year period to The decision and requirements will be communicated to you by the OGSR.


Postgrad – Documents Library

The University Council is the governing body of the university as a whole and sets out directional guidance and guidelines for the general running of the university.

The statutes deal with the university’s modus operandi. Sc 41 37 78 Ph. The indexing programme aims to bring the published output of the region’s journal and report literature under full bibliographical control. The thesis’ author and advisor are responsible for ensuring that the submitted thesis satisfies accepted standards of usage for scholarly writing…” [Thesis Guide February ].

uwi thesis declaration form

Candidates enrolled in Professional doctorates are to observe requirements as specified in the faculty regulations 2 Application i Check to ensure that you have registered for the current semester.

A separate in—house thesis data base is maintained by the Indexing Declaratiom at the Main Library and has been so since Augustine campus, where those faculties are located. It was established in essentially to train West Indian Medics and Medicine remained its main focus for a good while after its establishment. It must be of a satisfactory literary standard and must be suitable for publication as a thesis of the University of the West Indies.

A closer look at the major components of preliminary and subsidiary matters underscores the intellectualism of the Librarian’s in—put in thesis writing. Augustine, Ordinance 7 was amended to provide for the deposit of two copies of each thesis accepted.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

In Aprilon the recommendation of the Academic Board, St. Phil 7 29 36 M.

Sc 68 Ph. To assist the process the Main Library changed the focus of the existing postgraduate seminars to reflect on techniques decaration literature search; report writing; note taking; bibliographic references.

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